If you seek ultimate freedom from the conditioned mind, you will not find it in hypnosis. A state of hypnosis is a state in which you are possessed by an idea to the extent that it's running your life. 

When people seek hypnotic work, they seek it only because they want to get rid of ideas, which have been forcing them to act one way or another. 

A smoker wants to get rid of an idea - "I must have a cigarette, it's calming me down". He wants to replace this idea by another idea - "I don't need a cigarette, it's not really doing anything for me, except that it ruins my health".

True, the second idea is "better" that the first, but it is still an idea. It is a "non-smoking idea" rather than "smoking idea" and it enslaves just as any idea does.

Initially, a newly born non-smoker must keep this better, non-smoking idea in his or her mind, but in time it sinks into the subconscious, and there is no more struggle on the level of the conscious mind to keep the idea alive.

A substitution of the idea, which used to be running your life for another idea, which is running your life now, is substitution of one form of hypnosis for another. This appears to be a solution, but it is NOT a liberation. It is not a liberation in the sense of the evolution of your consciousness.

Not too many people are concerned with the evolution of their consciousness, but if you are the rare one, who really wants to grow - you can't afford to live by ideas. Living by either conscious or unconscious ideas is a conditioned living.

The ULTIMATE REALITY is unconditioned, and you will never find it as long as you dwell in the realm of ideas. Even the best ideas are just ideas. They are forms in the realm of the mental, just as your furniture are forms in the realm of the physical reality. 

If you really want to taste the ULTIMATE, UNCONDITIONED, FORMLESS REALITY, you must say goodbye to the world of forms. You must become comfortable with and in the FORMLESS.

What I am writing here is obviously not for the average level of consciousness, which lives and dies by ideas. I am writing it for you, in case your consciousness became tired of even the best ideas.

I am writing it for you, because you have noticed that people love ideas, hate ideas, embrace them, reject them and yes, even live for them and die for them. I am writing this for you, because you've noticed that this state of affairs is insane and because you are ready to exit this realm of common human insanity.

If that is indeed how you think and feel, then I can help you advance beyond the realm of life hypnosis. As for myself, I've gotten tired of ideas long time ago. I must admit that I am still falling in the trap, and all the pain associated with ideation, but it happens less and less frequently. That means - I am really free, more and more often.

Perhaps you would like to join me in the pursuit of THE REAL FREEDOM, and leave behind the conditioned world of hypnosis? I would be delighted to hear from you - another soul, a brother or sister on the path to LIBERATION.

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