Mikey Hypnosis

This page consists of two parts

Part 1 shows how a homeless person very successfully hypnotizes the passers-by into giving him money

Part 2 shows how I helped him to get unhypotized from his "I have to live on the streets" hypnotic trance

Part 1
Mikey hypnosis in action

His hypnotic suggestion is very simple and it works well enough to support his financially independent life-style.

Do you live a financially independent life?

He repeats his suggestion - "Spare change?" - hundreds of times a day and the passers-by do what he wants them to do.

Would you be able to hypnotize people into giving you their money?

He may be short of money on some days but he never gets into debt.

Can you say this about yourself?

And as you can see his spirits are obviously HIGH!

Are your spirits HIGH regardless of your circumstances?

Let's take a closer look at Mikey

It's rather obvious that there is no sign of stress on his face.

No sign of tension or anxiety.

Does your face look like his - as you interact daily with the world you live in - or does it resemble the faces of the ladies shown in the image below?

These two women just got out of an expensive car.

They are dripping with gold and wearing expensive clothing.

They don't seem to be lacking anything on the material plane of existence.

What they are obviously lacking is the Mikey's STATE of MIND.

By the way, I've taken this shot last year (2011) in Paris.

Yes, you can be that miserable IN PARIS!

It all depends on what kind of hypnosis governs your thoughts and emotions.

About the quality of your consciousness

At any moment of your life all that you really have is your consciousness - and to be more specific, all that you have is the QUALITY of your consciousness.

You may have a lot of money - just as the ladies on the image shown above - and at the same time have the quality of consciousness which the ladies show so explicitly via their facial expressions.

On the other hand, you may have nothing in terms of the material possessions, and yet, have the quality of consciousness which shines through the expression of Mikey's face.

And because Mikey - amidst his material poverty - obviously exhibits a great richness of spirit, his joyous demeanor has a great hypnotic power.

The people who pass him by - whether or not, they are consciously aware of it - ARE GREATLY INFLUENCED by what they see.

What they see conveys to them a powerful - for the most part subconsciously received - hypnotic message.

What Mikey shows them is that they are basically O.K.

Mikey hypnosis is about making the passersby O.K. regardless of what their present circumstances are.

It is not a small service that Mikey renders upon all those who come in contact with his hypnosis, and he obviously can expect to receive some sort of remuneration.

I believe that Mikey gets greatly underpaid for his hypnotic services, and one of the purposes of this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website is to bring this state of affairs to the public awareness.

There are many people who do what Mikey does, but it is very rare to see them doing it THE WAY Mikey does it.

And because Mikey does what he does with such an incredibly powerful and positive hypnotic vibe his story has found its way into a vast collection of other hypnotic stories presented on this website.

Sept. 25. 2012

A few days ago Mikey has told me that a passer-by gave him $170.

Nobody has ever given Mikey that kind of money, at one time, during the 14 years of his homeless life.

Since this large payout, which Mikey has so unexpectedly received from a stranger happened right after I put up on the Internet this page - I've been wondering, whether or not, the page which I've devoted to Mikey Hypnosis can in fact make some changes in Mikey's life.

June. 25. 2014

More than a year has passed since my last entry on this page. The biggest event in Mikey's life since then, was a gift from a stranger. As Mikey has told me, a woman gave him an envelope without saying a word. There was $3,600 inside!

As of today, Mikey still holds his post, and is willing to speak on the camera.

Assuming that his willingness to do this will continue, I'm planning on posting here a series of unedited interviews with Mikey.

In the following interview, Mikey says a few words about what he perceives as his TRADE.

Follow up - February. 27. 2016

My plans regarding posting up a series of interviews with Mikey - for various reasons - have not worked out but SOMETHING ELSE HAS WORKED OUT!

Read on and enjoy this INCREDIBLE STORY WHICH UP TO NOW I HAD KEPT SECRET simply because I had no idea how my Mikey unhypnotization project would unfold.

Part 2
Mikey unhypnotization project

How I helped Mikey to get UNHYPNOTIZED form his "I have to live on the streets" hypnosis

Before I get to the subject of Mikey's unhypnotization processI would like to make a sequential presentation of the images of Mikey which have been taken over the period of almost three years.

The following image presentation is the testament of the actual Mikey's transformation, and the fact that his unhypnotization process required a considerable amount of time.

This image shows Mikey at the time when we have first met in August 2012

Mikey taking care of a dog for a shopper in January 2013

As always cheerful Mikey holding his post in May 2013

The two images presented above show Mikey in December 2013. As you can see, even the bitterly cold weather is not capable of wiping a smile off Mikey's face, and with his thumb-up gesture he tells me that he feels OK.


No more sitting on the sidewalk and "bumming" for money.

A brand new, unhypnotized from his "I have to live on the streets" hypnosis Mikey in May 2015.

I’m going to begin my report on how I helped Mikey to get unhypnotized from his “I have to live on the streets” hypnosis by telling you a bit about my actual motivations.

I was motivated to enter into a relationship with Mikey by two things: 

The first one was my desire to learn from Mikey - if possible at all - what was his secret of happiness in the midst of all of the - commonly thought of as terrible - aspects of a homeless existence.

Being aware that what I wanted from Mikey was basically a form of therapy - to his great amazement - I offered him a position of the therapist in my life.

I told him that I would like him to give me his therapeutic sessions, and that I would pay him his hourly fee. I also told him that during our sessions he wouldn’t have to do more than just answer my questions.

I told him that my interviewing him on many levels would be immensely therapeutic to me and really worthy of whatever fee he was going to charge.

Initially Mikey was very confused by my offer. He tried to understand my motivations by asking questions like: “So you took interest in a homeless person?

I would answer him by saying that: “NO, I’m not motivated by any altruistic feelings”that “my motivation is basically self-centred", and that “I want to use you for my own purposes and am willing to pay you for what I want you to do”.

The second one was my desire to take on the challenge of enabling Mikey to end his 14-year-long period of living under the bridge and start a new "off-the-streets" chapter in his life.

In order to fulfill these two desires I had to start building a relationship with Mikey, following the foundational dictum of all purposeful, hypnosis-based interactions, which says that: Ultimately, it is the relationship that heals and changes for the better a broken human life.

The process of building my relationship with Mikey involved a variety of activities, some of which, I've listed below:

The corner of Bloor Street West and Runnymede Road in Toronto used to be "Mikey's corner". I have invited Mikey many times to McDonald's.

Conveniently located, only two short blocks away from "Mikey's corner" was the liquor store, which Mikey used to visit daily. I had accompanied him many times. We would march to the liquor store together and buy a few cans of beer each time. 

A little park across from the Runnymede Subway Station used to serve me and Mikey as our meeting, drinking and smoking place.

The bench, by the side of which, a curiously looking-at-me lady stands used to be our favourite bench. I'm sure this lady was quite puzzled ... Asking herself "why is this guy taking pictures of me?"

She did not know that I was not interested in her, but only in taking a picture of our favourite bench, which is more prominently displayed above. I have spent many hours on this bench with Mikey, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, even though I don't smoke. I smoked with Mikey and publicly consumed alcohol in his presence, risking a couple-of-hundred-dollars fine, all in order to develop as close relationship as possible with my very interesting new friend, and the therapist at the same time.

On some occasions we would use the the picnic table, rather than the bench, in order to hide our public-drinking-activities from the eyes of the police. I felt much safer there, hiding behind a large tree.

On one occasion I invited Mikey to the nearby movie theater to watch the Batman. To my great surprise, about half way into the movie, Mikey stood up, shook my hand and said that he had to leave. He told me later that he found the movie rather boring. I had never taken him to the movies again.

As I kept on building my relationship with Mikey I discovered that the secret of his happiness was in his "love of life".

Suicidal thoughts never crossed his mind.

Mikey loved to be alive, but could never say what made him love life so much.

When I asked him once: "What is it about life that you love so much?"

All he could say was: "You know ... You wake up in the morning and you are ALIVE!"


It didn't take much for me to realize that Mikey's happiness secret was really not a secret - in the sense of it being something - that Mikey could disclose.

He was constitutionally happy and life-loving, just as some other people are constitutionally life-loathing and depressed.

When I saw that as a therapist Mikey was of not much value to me, I started focusing solely on the challenge of unhypnotizing Mikey from his "I have to live on the streets" hypnosis.

The success of the process of unhypnotizing Mikey from his “I have to live on the streets” hypnosis proves that the super-effective hypnotic work, which is capable of creating monumental changes - in terms of how people function in life - does NOT have to involve the so-called hypnotic trance.

I have never formally hypnotized Mikey. All I have ever done is a lot of very influential talking.

And the most important aspect of my talking to Mikey was that I was only telling him what - he already knew - was true about himself and his inner potentials.

As I was building my relationship with Mikey he revealed to me many things about himself, and I simply gave all of that information back to him in a way which enabled him to take a series of specific actions.

The process of unhypnotizing Mikey from his “I have to live on the streets” hypnosis reflects the common human dilemma, namely, that in spite of our awareness of what we are really capable of, we very often experience a great difficulty acting on that knowledge.

We experience that difficulty because we have a tendency to distrust ourselves. The unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. There is a lot of very talented people out there who will never come up to anything, simply because, there is nobody in their lives who could encourage them and turn their potential into a series of constructive actions.


It took almost three years of time, effort, and hundreds of dollars of my own money to help Mikey make a transition from the streets to the off-the-streets life.

I am sure I wasn't the only one who - in one way or another - made a contribution to Mikey's transformational process. I've seen people talking to him and giving him money.

I am also sure that amongst all of the positive influencers of Mikey's psyche, I've been unquestionably, by far, the greatest one.

When I've first met Mikey after he was already off-the-streets, he approached me, shook my hand, and said: "Thank you for all you've done".

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