You need to become more aware of your hypnotic delusions before they become obvious to you. You need to get closer to what is actually happening in the realm of your mental life.

And finally, when your awareness grows to the point at which you have the clarity of vision - you can see what is really happening in your life.

There are people who never wake up to the reality of the DANGER of their own personal hypnosis, and some of them pay for their lack of awareness the ultimate price of the loss of life.

The story of the Great Gatsby serves as a great example of a man who gets killed by his own personal hypnosis.

Gatsby's hypnosis was about being possessed by a delusional belief in being loved by a woman who - as it turned out - didn't really care about him very much.

Gatsby managed to hypnotize himself to the point of devoting his whole life to the pursuit of the object of his hypnosis.

All of his talent, and all of his energy went into pursuing his severe hypnotic delusion.

Gatsby's story shows us how seemingly very intelligent people can end up totally deluded by what they believe in.

I highly recommend that you watch the movie The Great Gatsby, from the point of view of learning a lesson about what can potentially happen in your own life.

And if something similar - to what Gatsby's story attempts to convey - is ALREADY happening in your life - you may be able to use The-Great-Gatsby-movie-hypnosis to unhypnotize yourself from your personal hypnotic delusions.

Gatsby suffered from a delusional belief in being loved by a woman who could never reciprocate his love.

The movie The Great Gatsby is an example of the LIFE HYPNOSIS which operates in many areas of the human life.

LIFE HYPNOSIS is a term which I use to describe a state of being hypnotized into a belief which takes a complete possession of one's life.

Most of the examples of the LIFE HYPNOSIS which I've seen in my Online Hypnosis and Counseling practice - over the span of more than three decades now - are the cases of LACK of CONFIDENCE.

Having an insight into the mental reality of the human condition, I can tell you that there is a great hypnotic, LACK-of-CONFIDENCE-EPIDEMIC raging out there.

It manifests itself in various forms of believing in a delusion, which convinces the people that they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

"I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH" is a mantra which hundreds of thousands of humans repeat to themselves day in and day out.

And as they repeat this mantra to themselves, on a daily basis - they keep themselves in the hypnotic prison of their own making.

This prison has no iron bars, and yet, in spite of its intangible nature, it has the imprisoning power that is greater than the highest physical walls.


I was lucky that my awareness went through the process which I've attempted to express graphically at the top of this page my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website.

And yes, that means I used to be a victim of some severe hypnotic delusions.

Luckily for me, I was able to attain a clarity of vision relatively early in my life.

The spin off of my personal awakening, and realization was that I instantly became aware of how terribly imprisoned most of the people are by their own hypnotic delusions.

My awareness of the NEGATIVE-HYPNOSIS-EPIDEMIC served as the foundation of my - more than two-decades-long now - practice, which has been devoted, for the most part, to UNHYPNOTIZING my suffering clients from various hypnotic delusions.

The UNHYPNOTIZATION process through which I take my clients consists of the two major steps.

The first step is about becoming aware of their hypnotic delusions, and the second step is about actively working towards their dissolution.

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