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And if you are seriously interested in attracting money into your life, you must read this page in its entirety.

It will show you my friend has done it.

At the same time, it will serve as an example of what you can do too.

Today is the first day of the spring of 2011.

And I am writing this page, making sure that, it will bring to you all the necessary information about how to attract money into your life.

You must realize that information, no matter how valuable, is just information, and only those who can really apply it will see the fruits of their labor.

As Napoleon Hill in his world-famous classic Think and Grow Rich writes - "when the money finally comes into your life in large amounts, it comes effortlessly".

On the other hand, he also says that, before you reach a high-enough level of your money consciousness, at which money begins to flow into your life effortlessly, you must mentally work on it quite hard, and perhaps for a considerable period of time.

It is the mission of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services to guide you, and eventually enable you to enter into a state of consciousness, which is necessary for the successful manifestation of financial abundance in your life.

There is a huge difference between making money and the ability to attract money.

While making money implies some physical effort, attracting it is more akin to the phenomenon of effortless manifesting what we need and desire.

Once you know how to attract money into your life, you will be able to do it with minimal physical effort.

Sometimes, all the physical effort required to attract money, is that a jackpot winner buys a lottery ticket.

This is precisely what one of my best friends did. 

What follows is a short story about how he attracted money into his life. 

To say that, he actually attracted money is not an overstatement because his efforts towards money manifestation were purely mental indeed.

The only actions, which he performed, were limited to the periodic purchases of the lottery tickets.

A real story about how to attract money

The story about how my friend attracted money into his life begins in Vienna in the year 2000.

The image below shows me in one of Europe's greatest cathedrals - where I stand with my hands outstretched, thanking God for our good fortune. My friend is also there in the right lower corner.


I’ve used the phrase "our good fortune" above, because my friend, being a good friend, passed onto me a relatively large portion of his newly acquired money.

When I landed at the Vienna International Airport, in the summer of 2000, he came, as usual, to pick me up. 

The only difference between this time and all other times was that, right after our exchange of hugs, he handed me a thick envelope and said: "Just blow it, just enjoy yourself”.

The envelope contained a large sum of money, a part of the 6/49 jackpot - the money which he attracted into his life.

I stayed in Europe for two weeks, but it was only during the time shortly before my departure, when we were having coffee together at the Vienna International Airport Starbucks coffee shop, that he told me how to attract money.

He wasn’t keeping the story about how to attract money a secret, which he decided to divulge at the last moment.

In his innocence, he wasn’t even aware that, for several years, he had patiently performed in his mind something out of the ordinary - a very precise mental operation - which resulted in a spectacular phenomenon of attracting money into his life.

He was performing his money-attracting operation in his mind spontaneously and attracted a lot of money without knowing the technical aspects of how to attract money. To him, it all appeared as a natural thought process.

His telling me his story was totally coincidental and unfolded as a part of our conversation, which I don’t even remember.

As I kept on listening to what at some point during our conversation he started saying, I could hardly believe my ears. I could hardly believe my ears because his story was a perfect story about how to attract money.

To me, my friend's story about how to attract money was a testament to our magnificent creational ability of which Jesus speaks in the Bible when he describes the laws governing all successful prayers of petition.

Jesus said: "When you pray for something, believe that you already have it".

How did my friend fulfill this necessary requirement of the prayer of the petition?

How was he able to believe that he already had what was not yet physically present in his life at that time?

His spontaneous, non-premeditated strategy was very simple - he was convinced that he was standing in line, waiting for his eventual turn to come.

He was not familiar with the subject of money manifestation and had never read anything about how to attract money, but he had no doubt that his turn to hit the jackpot would come and was already distributing - in his mind - very precisely designated sums of money to his friends and family members.

Even before he had the money, he was already - in his mind - giving a large chunk of it away.

It all worked out to the tune of little under one million dollars.

My friend, while performing his money-attracting mental operations, was not aware of the universal principle of reality manifestation, which goes by the name of the law of attraction.

He wasn’t aware that he was working in the most effective way to attract money into his life.

He wasn’t thinking in the categories of either attracting money or manifesting abundance. He had no clue about how to attract money.

He simply knew that his turn would come, and behaved accordingly - in his mind - without any consciously worked out strategy, designed to attract money. 

His self-assurance about winning the lottery - somehow - naturally arrived into his life.

Nothing beats such spontaneous, totally natural development of faith when you want to attract money.

Such spontaneous development of a powerful and confident money-attracting-vision is rare. Most people have to consciously work on attracting money after reading a lot of material about how to attract money

My Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services come into play in the lives of my clients when they want to learn how to attract money, but experience difficulty in terms of their ability to enter into a mindset conducive to financial abundance manifestation.

There are many mental obstacles, which may stand between your wanting to learn how to attract money, and the actual manifestation of your desire.

Some of them, you may not be even aware of.

My Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services can help you develop the necessary clarity of vision and belief structure that will help you to attract money.

I’ve started consciously playing the game of manifesting prosperity relatively not long ago, and the results have been quite amazing.

Learning how to attract money is easier when you’ve already experienced a significant degree of financial success in your life

The saying: "Nothing succeeds like success" carries in itself a profound truth about the financial prosperity manifestation.

Learning how to attract money is easier for all those who have already experienced the reality of the law of attraction.

Because they have already experienced the magic of the law of attraction, they already know how to attract money, even though they may not be consciously aware of it. 

And if they need help in the area of attracting money, it is only on the level of remembering what was already learned, and only temporarily forgotten. 

I’ve recently worked with a young woman, who got tired of low paying retail jobs and decided to start making some real money.

She decided that she would start making money by working as a stripper, save as much as she could, and move onto some other venture, which would give her long-term financial security.

She craved financial security more than anything else and was very much aware that, her stripping business could only serve as a temporary measure, along the way of creating some real financial assets.

In the first two months of her new job, she made $20,000 and became quite elated with her newly found solution to living a poverty tainted life.

She saw that she actually could make a lot of money, and her recent financial success made it so much easier for me to help her establish in her mind a money attracting mindset, compatible with her own personal uniqueness and general orientation in life.

I am sure that, my teaching her how to attract money, will enable her to attract money in significant amounts, and that she will not have to wait for a long time before financial security becomes a reality in her life.

Coming back to my friend’s money-attracting story, I have to tell you that now there is no money in his life.

As much as it was easy for him to attract money without really knowing how to attract money, it was also easy for him to part with it, within a relatively short period of time. 

His money disappeared - just as it happened in the lives of so many other people - during the couple of stock-market-crashes, which happened during the last decade.

In spite of his present financial situation, our hopes for another jackpot are very high, and we are currently working together on making it happen again, just as it happened ten years ago.

I am currently working on a  custom-made self hypnosis recording, designed specifically for him, in order to enable him to attract money again into his life.

His mind is very familiar with the mindset that is necessary to attract money in large amounts.

We are not starting from scratch here. 

He has a very strong experiential success-engendering foundation already established in his conscious and his subconscious mind.

After our long discussions about the principles of money manifestation, he knows how to attract money. And because he knows how to attract money, he also knows that he can do it again.

At the present time, he just needs a bit of help to reestablish his temporarily strength-lacking money-attracting mindset.

It is a very common phenomenon that happens in the lives of those who managed to attract money in large amounts - to experience a temporary weakening of their money-attracting mindset.

The biographies of those who were able to learn how to attract money into their lives are usually full of financial ups and downs.

Just as the title of this section suggests - it is much easier for my clients to attract money again, after they have already done it at some point in their lives.

People who are interested in how to attract money - and have not yet experienced financial success - must somehow arrive at their first money manifestation success without any previous experience. 

It is precisely what my money-attracting services can help you accomplish - in case you don’t have an already established money manifesting experience.

Learning how to attract money is a skill like any other skill.

And like any other skill development, it requires that you put a lot of work into it.

Learning how to attract money requires work that is mostly mental and most of it must be done on the subconscious level of your mind.

It is because you must work on the subconscious level of your mind to learn how to attract money, that you will find my money-attracting services helpful.

You will find them helpful either in the form of one-on-one hypnosis sessions, or self-hypnosis custom designed recordings.

If you want to learn how to attract money, you must involve your subconscious mind in the process of successful money manifestation

Because of the necessity of your subconscious mind's involvement in the process of learning how to attract money - my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services can be potentially very useful to you, in terms of helping you consciously impress upon your subconscious mind all the necessary mental components of successful wealth manifestation.

Learning how to attract money is about consciously impressing the necessary money-attracting suggestions upon your subconscious mind.

Napoleon Hill, in his timeless classic entitled Think and Grow Rich, gives a testament to what I’ve just said above, about the absolute necessity of your subconscious mind's involvement in the process of learning how to attract money.

The author of the Think and Grow Rich - the bible of successful wealth manifestation - spent 25 years of his life researching the most successful people in the world, and learned from them the fundamentals of money attraction.

He devotes a lot of pages to the issue of the absolute necessity of working on the subconscious level of the mind for the purpose of attracting money.

Why is your subconscious mind's involvement in the process of money manifestation such an absolutely critical part of the game - so critical, that without it, the game of attracting money cannot be successfully played?

What was it that the famous author of the Think and Grow Rich learned - from the richest people of the world - about what must be accomplished on the subconscious level of the mind to attract money?

Here is the answer: The richest, the most successful people on earth taught Hill that, you can’t attract money via your own personal efforts.

You cannot do it because you don’t have the necessary reality creational power.

How to attract money - in God we trust

Ultimately, only God can help you attract money, and whether He will do it or not, depends on what message you will keep on sending towards the Divine "Money Manifesting Department".

In a quite synchronistic way with the above-stated truth, the word God has been placed on the US money.

one dollar bill

On the one dollar banknote above, there is a phrase: IN GOD WE TRUST.

As Napoleon Hill discovered - during his 25 years of interviewing the richest people in the world - it was only their complete TRUST IN GOD, that enabled them to acquire riches in large amounts.

What follows is that - if you are serious about learning how to attract money - you will also have to learn how to develop unshakable faith in the eventual, Divinely-Ordained success of your wealth manifestation efforts.

This absolutely necessary faith development, both on the level of your conscious and your subconscious mind is precisely what my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services can deliver. 

In his book - Think and Grow Rich - Hill doesn’t use the word God. He uses the word Infinite Intelligence.

It has been tested from the times immemorial - by all who have learned how to attract money in large amounts - that you can attract money only by sending a totally focused and congruent money-attracting message to the Divine Mind.

A laser beam-like focus and congruency mean that both your conscious and your subconscious mind must be sending the same message.

Learning how to attract money is about learning how to achieve agreement between your conscious and subconscious mind

You have no slightest chance to attract money into your life as long as your subconscious mind sabotages your conscious money-manifesting efforts.

You have no slightest chance to manifest money in your life, as long as what is presented on the image below represents what happens in your life.

opposing forces

Through my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services, I’ve helped many people to achieve conscious / subconscious mind congruency, which in turn enabled them to manifest their hart's desires. 

Some of those people wanted to learn how to attract money.  

And just as I was able to help them reset their subconscious minds for success and prosperity, I may be able to help you achieve your financial freedom too.

Learning how to attract money is about learning how to believe that you already have it - a paradoxical requirement of the law of attraction

The most basic difficulty - which all those who are interested in learning how to attract money commonly experience - is the seemingly impossible task of believing that they already possess the money they want to acquire, while the external realities of their lives are nothing but mountains of debt, bankruptcies, property loss and other financial nightmares.

The spiritual law, which governs all forms of manifestation is very simple. 

Jesus stated it in the following words: "When you pray for something, believe that you already have it".

How can you ever believe that you actually possess the money you want, while all you are aware of are mounting debts in your life?

In spite of the seeming impossibility of fulfilling such a paradoxical requirement of the law of attraction, I may be able to help you achieve just that, via my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services.

The secret of how to achieve such seemingly impossible belief - while all around you testifies to a totally opposite reality, is simple and relatively easy to implement.

As an example - which illustrates that, in fact, it is relatively easy to believe what seems to be impossible to believe - I frequently use the phenomenon of walking on fire.

In spite of the fact that most of the successful firewalkers initially believe that it is impossible to walk on fire because, obviously, everybody "knows" that a fire would instantly burn human flesh - every year, thousands of people around the world seem to be able to enter into the paradox of believing that the fire is not going to burn them.

Following the example of the paradoxical believing that the "yes" and "no" of the burning action of fire can coexist at the same time - you may at least begin to glimpse the possibility that you could enter into a belief of possessing money, even amidst a financial crisis in your life.

There are ways to achieve just that on the level of your conscious and your subconscious mind, and my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services provide the necessary know-how. Whenever you are ready to start learning how to attract money, I will be there to guide your conscious and your subconscious mind.

How to attract money - the insufficiency of a mere conscious believing

Helping you to achieve a high level of money consciousness on the subconscious level of your mind is critical because, the Infinite Intelligence - as Napoleon Hill discovered - does not respond to the low-frequency vibrations of the conscious mind.

Your conscious desire for money must be transformed into your powerful subconscious desire because, only then, it will have a sufficient frequency level, which is necessary to impress the Divine Mind.

This necessary process of transformation of your mere conscious desire for wealth into its subconscious counterpart is what my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services can help you achieve.

How to attract money - the necessity to overcome poverty consciousness

In the Bible, there is a seemingly very disturbing and terribly unjust-sounding passage, which states that: "To those who have a lot, even more, will be given, and from those who have little, even the little that they have will be taken away".

As we all know, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer all the time.

This seeming injustice has been going on from the times immemorial because the power of the law of attraction stands behind it.

According to this law, poverty consciousness can never attract money.

If you’ve experienced money related problems in your life, most likely, some form of poverty consciousness took possession of your subconscious mind.

I used to suffer from poverty consciousness, which used to make me self-sabotage all of my money-attracting efforts.

Self-sabotage - in the area of making money - is a terrible affliction, which frustrates the hell out of many very talented people, who seem to have all the intelligence necessary to succeed, and yet, in spite of it, remain condemned to endless financial struggles. 

There are many counter-prosperity believes deeply ingrained in our culture and even if only one of them took hold of your subconscious mind, your conscious efforts to attract money could never be successful. 

As long as your financially-collapsing-you subconscious beliefs remain in operation - prosperity will keep on eluding you.

Here is the list of some of the popular counter-financial-prosperity beliefs:

Money is filthy - hence, the saying: "Filthy rich"

If you focus on learning how to attract money, you are going to lose your soul.

Poverty is saintly.

It is more difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the needle’s eye.

Each of the above-stated beliefs is true, but only under very specific circumstances.

Of course, mafia-made-money is not only filthy but also bloody.

Of course, if you focus only on money and lose awareness of what is ultimately important in life - you are going to lose your soul.

On the other hand, there is nothing inherently wrong with money.

The dangers of money are no different from the dangers associated with a surgical knife.

A surgical knife can be used to perform a life-saving operation, and it can also be used to deprive a person of life.

It is all in the usage, and not in the object itself.

Jesus was not a poor man.

It was Judas who carried Jesus’ bag of money.

If you want to learn how to attract money, you must heal your subconscious relationship with money

Most people have a totally screwed up relationship with money.

I believe that people have a statistically much worse relationship with money than they have with their partners.

And when statistically, two out of three marriages end up in divorce - I believe that much less than one in a hundred is able to successfully enter into a sane and healthy "marriage" with money.

Consequently, most people never even get to "marry" money. They remain divorced from money, without ever getting a chance to "marry" it.

If you hope to learn how to attract money, you must learn how to embrace it, how to be utterly comfortable with it, how to love it just as you love all other manifestations of life.

You must learn how to love money, not in the sense of loving it in a way that would blind you to what is ultimately important in life.

The following sentences will make it clear that the right kind of love of money is absolutely necessary for all those interested in attracting wealth into their lives.

It is obvious that, if you ever hope to attract the money you cannot afford to hate it.

It is obvious that just as you cannot afford to hate it, you also cannot afford to be indifferent towards it.

And if you can neither hate it nor be indifferent towards it - what then, your relationship with money must be?

Perhaps, if you really ponder this question, you will realize that you must learn to love money, just as you must love your job if you ever hope to be really successful at it.

No one would ever say anything negative about loving a job. 

And if a part of one’s job is to make money, then that part must be also loved, if one is to really love all aspects of what one is doing.

It would be utterly ridiculous to say: Yes, I deeply love my work as a real estate agent, but equally deeply hate the money that my services allow me to make.

If you want to learn how to attract money, you must enter into the reality of money

In closing, I want to tell you that on the most basic level, if you want to learn how to attract money, you must enter into THE REALITY of MONEY.

You must enter into the reality of money just as a firewalker must enter into the reality of a non-burning fire.

Most of the people who want to attract money are terribly divorced from the reality of money.

If they were not divorced from it, they would not be wanting in the area of money manifestation.

Even though a state of being divorced from the reality of money is so culturally prevalent, it doesn’t have to be a reality of your personal life.

My Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services can help you enter into the reality of money, and at the same time put an end to the rein of poverty consciousness over your life.

There are many ways in which your poverty consciousness can be evicted from its presence in your subconscious mind.

One of them is the daily usage of Prosperity Cologne!

prosperity cologne

I’m not joking here, I love to use my Prosperity Cologne, to periodically remind my subconscious mind that, nothing less than prosperity IS, in fact, my reality, my destiny, and my birthright.

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