My Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic offers the following methods of healing anxiety and depression feelings.



Bio Energy Healing

Spiritual Healing

I begin this page with the description of the Bio Energy Healing, because it is the fastest method of healing anxiety and depression feelings.

The last sections of this page are devoted to showing you how people get hypnotized into experiencing their anxiety and depression feelings, and the necessity of unhypnotization of the subconscious mind, through the unhypnotizing usage of hypnosis.

This page also includes a brief mention of Psychodrama and the need of Spiritual Healing in some cases of anxiety and depression.

Bio Energy Healing - healing anxiety and depression feelings on the energetic level of their existence


Here is what one of the greatest psychiatrists of all times - C.G. Jung - wrote about the energetic nature of psychological phenomena:

"In physics, we speak of energy and its various manifestations, such as electricity, light, heat, etc. The situation in psychology is precisely the same. Here, too, we are dealing primarily with energy.

What I wished to do for psychology was to arrive at some logical and thorough view such as is provided in the physical sciences by the theory of energetics. This is what I was after in my paper On Psychic Energy".

Healing anxiety and depression feelings on their energetic level has never ceased to be the object of my fascination. The fact that healing anxiety and depression feelings through the Bio Energy Healing process is possible, confirms that our entrenched, negative mental states are nothing but psychic energy formations.

After the healing anxiety and depression sessions, held at my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic, my clients frequently say things like: "I lost the sense of my body being present here - all I could sense was my fields of energy interacting with each other", or "during our session, I felt as if you were pulling something out of me".

It is a great relief to realize that the anxiety and depression - in spite of their seemingly great power - are only flimsy, psychic energy lumps, and can be removed from the human mental energy system through Bio Energy Healing.

I started applying Bio Energy Healing to healing anxiety and depression after discovering that Bio Energy Healing was responsible for my success in healing alcoholism.

While working hypnotically with people suffering from alcoholism, I discovered that I could help them using a minimal amount of hypnotic suggestions.

I would keep on passing my hand over the body of a hardened alcoholic without saying much, and he would stop drinking.

In some cases, I was able to help people heal from alcoholism by working with them in silence. Realizing that what I was doing was not hypnosis lead me to the conclusion that I was able to heal alcoholism through Bio Energy Healing without realizing it.  

The results which were quite amazing encouraged me to see how my newly discovered Bio Energy Healing ability would perform with healing anxiety and depression.

Most people don’t realize that their feelings of anxiety and depression can be removed from their mental energy system, much like a rotten tooth can be extracted from the physical body.

The fact is that on the most basic level everything is made of energy - your mind and its psychic structures are no exception.

It is very easy to acknowledge that the substance of anger - for example - is nothing but a very negative form of psychic energy.

It is easy to see this because we are all familiar with the energetic explosiveness of anger. The energy of anger is obvious to all who either experience it in themselves or are exposed to it.

The energetic nature of anxiety and depression is less obvious than that of anger, and so it is with the negative energy of sadness, lack of confidence, and other negative psychic phenomena. All of them, however, are made - just as anger is - of negative forms of psychic energy.

The high rate of success in healing anxiety and depression at my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic enables me to keep on proving the energetic nature of all negative mental states and promoting the reality of removing them from the mental energy systems of the afflicted people, through Bio Energy Healing sessions.

Healing anxiety and depression feelings through the power of the Spiritual Healing

Because there are cases of anxiety and depression, which are resistant to hypnosis and the Bio Energy Healing, my work at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic, by necessity, extends into the realm of the Spiritual Healing.

I have experienced the Spiritual Healing necessity in 1996 when I had to deal with my clinical depression and anxiety. It was the most difficult time of my life, and what saved me was neither Bio Energy Healing nor hypnosis.

At that time I was already experienced in the usage of clinical hypnosis, but unable to use it, to extract myself from the grip of depression and anxiety. It was only through the Spiritual Healing that I was able to attain my liberation.

My work at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic, and my ability to help you overcome anxiety, depression, and other negative states of mind, are grounded in my personal experience.

I have not started helping others to overcome their negative psychic conditions just because I have read some books about them.

My Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic exists, because I’ve been there. I’ve been where you are. And because I’ve been there, I can help you to get out of there.

My own life is a testament to the fact that you can overcome even the darkest psychic conditions.

There is always a way out from the mental torment for all those who believe in the necessity and the possibility of liberation.

So far, I have spoken about my Bio Energy Healing services and the Spiritual Healing necessity.

I also have to mention a category of cases of anxiety, which require the usage of psychodrama.

Rather than describe this healing modality on this page, I invite you to read the article written by one of my clients.

In her article entitled Social Anxiety Cure my client presents her case of undoing severe social anxiety through the combination of various approaches. Working with her was a very enriching experience for everybody involved. I am sure you will enjoy reading the story.

Healing anxiety and depression - how most cases of anxiety and depression arise

My 30 years of practice at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic, have taught me that anxiety and depression, in most cases, begin with an idea.

Whether you realize it consciously or not, most likely, you’ve embraced an idea that evokes your anxiety and depression.

On its most basic level, your anxiety-and-depression-evoking idea tells you that the world which you live in is a very sad, hopeless and dangerous place and that it will harm you unless you constantly keep your guard up.

You think that you may be harmed even if you keep your guard up.

This kind of thinking by necessity must evoke anxiety and depression.

Your anxiety-and-depression-evoking idea tells you why you need to be depressed and anxious. It also stimulates your inner creative potential, which you use to develop your style of how you are depressed and anxious.

Some people are consciously aware of their anxiety-and-depression-evoking ideas, and there are those who suffer from anxiety and depression without knowing why. 

If you are one of those who don't know what kind of ideas generate your anxiety and depression - when you come to the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic - I will show you that subconsciously, you know the "why" behind your anxiety and depression. Without this knowledge, you would not know how to run your inner anxiety and depression show.

The "why" and "how" of your anxiety and depression make up your private anxiety and depression manual - they are like a recipe which tells you how to bake your anxiety and depression pie.

The "why" of your anxiety and depression is primary. Without it, your "how" would have no foundation upon which to develop.

In the next section of this page, I will present some examples - taken from my healing anxiety and depression practice - of why people develop anxiety and depression. These examples have the potential to open up your awareness and make it clear to you why you suffer from anxiety and/or depression.

One more more piece of information which has to be added here is that in most cases, the knowledge about the "why" of anxiety or depression is not absolutely necessary for healing anxiety and depression.

Healing anxiety and depression - cases taken from my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice

Agnes came to my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic in 2005. She developed her anxiety because her parents gave her away for adoption.

Her most profound learning in life was that she could not trust anyone. Her anxiety creating idea was: "If my own parents could dump me, for sure, I will be dumped by other people".

Agnes’ anxiety-engendering-idea created in her subconscious mind fear of relationships and the consequent inability to maintain them.

On the surface, she was happy and outgoing, but her life wasn’t working. She was not showing any obvious signs of anxiety because her anxiety was hidden under the mask of her friendly and outgoing behavior.


Through my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice, I teach that all human mind-related problems - without exception - arise from fear and anxiety.

This may not be immediately obvious, but if you dissect any of your mind-related problems, you will eventually realize that it arises out of your fear or anxiety.

If you suffer from anger addiction - for example - it is most likely not obvious to you that your anger arises out of your subconscious feelings of fear or anxiety.

And yet, you get angry only because something is not the way you want it to be, and if it is not the way you think it should be, then, you fear that it will have some undesirable consequences.

Through my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice, I make it obvious to all "emotional sufferers" that without fear or anxiety, their minds by necessity, can be only at peace, and that no troublesome emotion can ever arise out of the peaceful state of mind.


I was unaware of the reason for my fear of life until I was past 30 years of age.

It was only then that my subconscious mind opened up in a dream, and using its language of symbols made me aware of the cause of my great lack of ease in life.

My lack of ease in life - in other words - my dis-ease in life was caused by what happened when I was still stuck in my mother’s womb.

I use the word "stuck" here because my womb-life was not the most pleasant experience. It was utterly terrifying.

My mother had thought about abortion and I was aware of her abortive ideation.

On some very primitive - fetal-level-of-awareness - I knew that she was thinking about killing me, and you may guess, what kind of orientation towards life can develop out of this kind of awareness.

The ideas about life, which I got from my far-from-ideal womb experience were that the Universe was a very dangerous place - more than that - it wanted to kill me.

Another idea was that I deserved to die.

Over the years, I have met many womb-traumatized adults through my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice.

When you are in your mother’s womb, she is everything to you. She is your god, your universe, and the one who knows what your destiny is meant to be.

If your mother contemplates killing you - you develop the belief that you deserve to die. You translate her abortive ideation into the Universal abortive desire, focused on the termination of your existence. You begin to fear life. You also become profoundly depressed. 

What could be more sad and depressing than knowing that your mother contemplates terminating your life? 

Your unconscious interpretation of your womb-experience results in anxiety - the unspecified fear of everything - and depression that seems to permeate every aspect of your existence.


When Barbara came to the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic, it became immediately obvious to me that she had learned to build a wall between herself and the world because of her early life experience of separation.

She was a premie and had to spend a part of her early existence - cut off from her mother - in an incubator.

She didn’t come to my office complaining about her anxiety and depression. She came because of her painful experience of inability to form close physical, emotional and spiritual relations. She suffered from the inability to get close to anyone.

Barbara was unaware that what she was experiencing in her life was only a symptom of her subconscious fear of separation.

She could not afford to get close to anyone for fear of being cut off, and having to suffer the pain of separation again. Her condition was best described as the fear of love, and depression resulting from being seemingly abandoned as an infant.

In her subconscious mind, she believed that loving and opening herself to receive love was invariably going to bring about the suffering of separation - something that she subconsciously decided to never experience again.


John is a very successful businessman, who had built his company from nothing to $5,000,000 a year, within a few years.

Why would he come to the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic?

What could I do for such an incredibly driven and successful business owner?

When John first came to my office, he said that what brought him to me was the image of the opposing - conscious / subconscious - mental forces, which he found in the business-performance-section of my website.

Opposing forces

He said that, the image reflected perfectly his inner struggle, and that if he could only overcome his subconscious - opposing him - force, things would be "unlimited" for him.

What used to subconsciously oppose his conscious - success-oriented - efforts was an "overwhelming fear of not being good enough".

What I've observed through the years of healing anxiety and depression is that surprisingly, a lot of very successful business people suffer from fear of not being good enough.

They succeed in spite of it and frequently seek help to liberate themselves from its opposing them force to be even more successful.

John’s fear manifested itself only in social situations and especially during his public speaking engagements.

This incredibly successful businessman - just like quite a few other business owners, with whom I had the pleasure to work - used to make excuses to not appear during his company meetings because of his fear of public speaking.

During our first information gathering session - at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic - John told me that, the only event, which came to his mind as the possible root cause of his fear of public speaking, was something that happened many years ago when he was an elementary school student.

What happened was that his physical education teacher made fun of him in front of the whole class because he couldn't perform certain exercises.

John never attended this teacher’s class again and was left with his "overwhelming fear of not being good enough" for decades to come.

John's story shows that a seemingly insignificant early-life experience which had lasted just a minute or two can potentially block a person from happiness and success for the rest of his life.

This utterly UNJUST nature of the reality of our mental lives - which I've become aware of a long time ago - has kept me MAD about its unjust and evil workings, and become the driving force behind my desire do so something about it. Out of this desire, my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic was born.  


In theory, it should be possible for you to realize consciously the whole idiocy of suffering from nothing but ideas. It should be possible for you to say to yourself: All this is pure nonsense! I am not going to suffer from some idiotic ideas in my mind! I am not going to let my life be ruined by something so ephemeral and insubstantial as ideas!

Theoretically, you should be able to do this - but can you?

Some of my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic clients - once they realize the whole nonsense of worshiping their ideas and having their whole lives screwed up because of their either conscious or subconscious "idea worship" - wake up to a new way of being. The way of being which is rooted in the REALITY which exists beyond ideas.

They are still using ideas but they are not attached to them. They can follow Jesus‘ dictum "Be in the world but not of the world”.

They wake up to the realization that their ideas are not their ULTIMATE REALITY, and as such, are subject to change.

Only the ABSOLUTE, ULTIMATE REALITY is fixed and unchangeable, and once this realization begins to dominate your consciousness, you can shake off any idea off your mind, the way a dog shakes the water off its fur after emerging from a river.

Again, this is theoretically possible, and some of my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic clients attain liberation from their anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas just like that - shaking them off as something that their minds cannot subscribe to anymore, but can you?

If you can, then, your anxiety and/or depression will burst into oblivion like a soap bubble.

You will perceive it as idiotic, nonsensical, comical, and you will wonder, how you could have spent even a day of your life caught into such a ridiculous mental trap.

Healing anxiety and depression - "killing the Santa" 


Many children believe in Santa, and have a lot of anxious emotions centered around the idea that they have to be good enough to deserve a present.

Some of them even write anxious letters to the North Pole, with the description of their wishes and assurances of their good behavior.

The idea that Santa brings presents only to those who deserve them, can easily dominate little people’s lives around Christmas time.

And yet, in spite of the great power of this idea, once children realize that Santa is a fake, you could not convince them to subscribe to the belief in Santa ever again.

I frequently speak about how irreversible, and how natural it is to drop all the Santa-related beliefs and ideas for the little people, who are outgrowing their childish illusions, and how difficult it is for the grownups to part with their delusional, life-wrecking ideas.

"Killing the Santa" is the metaphorical term which I frequently use during my teaching sessions which are meant to show how natural it is to shake off once-powerful beliefs and ideas.  

There are people with whom my healing anxiety and depression sessions are limited to discussing how truly ridiculous their anxiety-and-depression-generating idea-worship really is, and who in spite of such simple methodology succeed greatly and attain complete liberation.

Most of the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic clients, however, are not able to shake off their tormenting them ideas, after just discussing how their minds deceive them.

Which group of people do you belong to?

Would it be possible for you to part with your cherished, anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas?

To find out, what your answer to this question is, you would have to come to my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic for an exploratory session, during which we could both become aware of what the actual possibilities - in terms of your liberation - are.

On most pages of this website, which are devoted to healing anxiety and depression, I start by offering my Bio Energy Healing methodology as the modality of choice.

I do it to attract human consciousness to the actual possibility of removing anxiety and depression feelings from the human mental-energy-system on the purely energetic level.

My healing anxiety and depression offer begins with the Bio Energy Healing of the mind, because it is the simplest approach and because it works. I’ve seen it work in hundreds of cases.

On the most basic level, everything is made of energy. Your mental, negative structures of anxiety and depression are no exception.

They are the psychic equivalents of the physical cysts full of diseased material.

What holds them in place, in most cases, is the energetic power of anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas.

Ideas, in spite of their ephemeral, insubstantial nature, are the most powerful stuff of our earthly existence.

For the better or worse, it is the energy of ideas that makes people do what they do. We love ideas and hate ideas, embrace them and run away from them, we are even capable of living and dying for ideas.

In the realm of anxiety and depression, in most cases, it is ideas that create and maintain the deadly energy of these horrible feelings.

This energy can be taken out of your mental energy system. This is what my Bio Energy Healing methodology is all about.

It works miraculously well in all the cases, in which, taking out the energy of negative ideas, results in a degree of deflation of these ideas to the point of no return to their original shape.

This happens in all the cases in which, anxiety-and-depression-creating ideas are not powerful enough to reestablish themselves back to their original shape.

The anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas produce the energy of anxiety and depression, which in turn maintains the ideas. In this way, the negative anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas self-maintain their existence. They self-feed on their negative energetic excretions.

My Bio Energy Healing methodology deprives the anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas of their energetic food.

It works, as long as, the rate of the negative energy drainage is higher than the rate of its reestablishment by the anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas.

In all the cases, in which the anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas are powerful enough to make up for their energy drainage - by reestablishing enough negative energy to cover up for their energetic depletion - the Bio Energy Healing is not enough.

When my Bio Energy Healing methodology is not sufficient to collapse the anxiety-and-depression-generating idea in your mind, I can step up the power of my intervention by adding the verbal, hypno-effective component to my purely energetic approach.

The addition of the verbal, hypno-effective component to the purely Energetic Healing methodology is what my Hypno-Energetic Method is about.

And even this combined procedure can be still augmented by adding to it the mind-liberating discussions about the nature of anxiety and depression, and the actual reality of dropping all anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas.

Mind-liberating, discussion-based-approach, towards undoing anxiety and depression, namely, just discussing the real nature of these negative feelings, is what I prefer to use first in all cases.

Most of the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic clients, however, unfortunately for themselves, are so invested in their anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas that they cannot even imagine just dropping them like a hot potato. They treat their anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas like sacred cows. That’s why I frequently speak of negative-idea-worship.

The irony is that people build their little sacred altars from the most negative life-wrecking ideas, and carry them with themselves wherever they go.

They call these - killing them, and at the same time sacred to them - ideas by the name of their beliefs, and claim that they would lose their personal identity without them.

My 30-years of healing anxiety and depression practice have taught me that you can safely drop all of your ideas - the positive ones and the negative ones alike - and nothing will happen to what you REALLY are.

Quite to the contrary, you will discover what you truly are - perhaps for the first time - and be amazed by this glorious, spiritual experience.

From times immemorial humans have been psychologically conditioned to take their ideas for reality.

Because of this conditioning, it is so incredibly difficult for us to be "in ideas" and not "of ideas" - meaning having ideas but never mistaking them for our ULTIMATE REALITY, never building out of them little sacred altars and carrying them wherever we go.

We must have ideas - there is no escape from ideas in human life.

On the other hand, as Jesus has taught - we must be "in the world" and not "of the world".

His teaching means that even though, there is no escape from ideas, and even though, we must be "in ideas", we should not be "of ideas", which is synonymous with being enslaved by them.

We can be free from our worship-like attachment to ideas, in spite of having ideas.

We don't have to take our ideas for our Ultimate Reality.

There are teachers out there, who do talk about the most beautiful, and the most simple way of the liberation of the mind - the way of dropping all of our attachments to ideas.

Eckhart Tolle is one of them.

Some of the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic clients are familiar with, and even fascinated by Eckhart’s work, but I haven’t yet met anyone who could apply it.

Before closing the "killing the Santa" section of this page, I would like to encourage you to see what you could do through your own efforts to at least partially disable your anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas.

You could start by reflecting on the nature of your anxiety and depression, and see if you could come up with the formulation of the ideas from which your anxiety and depression arise.

And if you are able to access these ideas - examine them for their validity.

Through such a simple mental maneuver, you will be taking your first meaningful steps towards your liberation.

Your - even partial - ability to drop your anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas will confirm the reality of this so utterly simple approach to the liberation of the human mind, not only from anxiety and depression but also, from all other forms of psychic negativity.

Healing anxiety and depression - how people end up hypnotized into anxiety and depression

Most of my healing anxiety and depression work is based on the fact that human minds get hypnotized by the negative anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas and the necessity of un-hypnotization.

The negative anxiety-and-depression-generating ideas, which have taken possession of your mind, work on you just as hypnosis does.

They produce your private self hypnosis.

Through my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice, I teach that nobody needs to be hypnotized into anything.

What people need is to be un-hypnotized from their negative ideas, which disable them in certain areas of their lives, and sometimes take over their whole existence.

Through my healing anxiety and depression practice I promote the fact that, ideally, hypnosis should be used only to un-hypnotize people from their negative, anxiety-and-depression-generating self hypnosis.

In most cases, however, due to the human insistence on clinging to ideas, concepts, beliefs, and opinions, the only acceptable way of hypnotic liberation - for most of the anxiety and depression sufferers - is to be un-hypnotized from their ideas, and hypnotized into some other, "better" ideas.

This "halfway freedom" - attained via the process of hypnotic idea substitution does work. I say: "halfway freedom" because this kind of freedom arises from one kind of idea-worship substituted by another kind of idea-worship. The result is that a person is liberated from negative ideas and yet, still in the state of being enslaved by the "positive" ideas.  

The problem with the hypnotic-idea-substitution is that it may require your ongoing, conscious effort to maintain the stability of the "positive" ideas, which replaced your "negative" ideas.

Through my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic, I promote the awareness of the reality of the BURDEN of IDEAS - regardless of what they are.

My healing anxiety and depression practice have taught me that, the "positive" ideas can be in some cases, as burdensome as, the "negative" ones.

The negative idea burden is obvious to anyone.

The positive idea burden is obvious only to those who have to constantly work on the maintenance of their positive ideas - sometimes to the point of their total mental exhaustion.

For many years I had struggled to maintain my positive ideas - going in circles - watching them dissolve, the moment I thought I had finally been able to bring them to the point of stability.

For years, I had suffered, wasting most of my mental energies on trying to construct and maintain the positive ideas by which I could move on in my life.

I finally saw that I could move on, by something hard to define, and what I call by the name of THE INNER SPIRITUAL DRIVE.

When you come to the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic, I may be able to help you unravel your INNER SPIRITUAL DRIVE - depending on your readiness to move beyond your ego-bound illusions about what you are meant to be and do in your life.

The way of functioning in life that is rooted in the SPIRIT, rather than, in the ego-mind illusions is free from anxiety and depression.

Jesus spoke of this way of functioning saying: ”Seek you first the Kingdom of God within, and everything else shall be added unto you”.

The ultimate level of service rendered through my healing anxiety and depression practice is about helping those, who are ready for it, to advance into the SPIRIT-GUIDED way of functioning in life.

When your actions arise from the SPIRIT - the Kingdom of God within - they are not only anxiety-and-depression-free, they are also the best you could perform under any kind of circumstances.

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