I do work with hypnosis, utilizing various ways of hypnotizing and un-hypnotizing of the human mind.

My Hypnosis Online services frequently utilize the hypnotic trance-state, but some of my work is done without the formal induction of trance. The no-formal-trance work utilizes techniques, which I like to speak of under the general, umbrella term - Power Hypnosis.

Recently I have performed a series of some very successful hypnosis sessions - in the areas of dissolution of the anxiety and depression feelings - and what I used during these sessions was a hand levitation technique of trance-hypnosis.

These very successful sessions inspired me to write a page about the utilization of the hand levitation technique, as I employ it in my Hypnosis Online practice.

I’ve been thinking for a long time of writing about the hand levitation technique of hypnosis, and I’m happy that this page is finally under construction because it has been long overdue.

There is a lot I can tell about the hand levitation technique of hypnosis, used as a technique of the hypnotic trance induction and as a technique of the hypnotic trance utilization in the process of working on the dissolution of the anxiety and depression feelings.


As a digression, I want to say at this point that the hypnotic trance induction and its utilization are two different things and require a separate page to be properly described.

At the end of this page you will find a link to the page about the hypnotic trance induction and utilization.


Going back to my description of the hypnotic hand levitation technique I want to say - to all those who are not really familiar with various hypnotic techniques - that the hand levitation technique is not something that I’ve developed on my own.

It’s been said that the hand levitation technique was developed and used as the hypnotic trance induction technique by a hypnotist named Milton H. Erickson.

I’d like to point out here that Erickson could have never developed the hand levitation technique, just as he had not developed the state of hypnosis.

He simply observed that these phenomena were happening and employed them in his work devoted to helping people overcome their limitations.

I know that nobody developed the hand levitation technique because - as I’ve observed it so many times - quite often, a spontaneous hand levitation happens without any formal hand-levitation-oriented suggestions.

It is a fascinating thing to observe how the subconscious mind shows its responsiveness and its willingness to cooperate by spontaneously raising the hand of a help seeking person.

When this happens, I know that a session devoted to the dissolution of either anxiety or depression feelings is going to be successful.

What I’ve said above does NOT mean that the hypnotic hand levitation must happen in order for your hypnosis session to be successful.

There are other ways, in which your subconscious mind can communicate its readiness and its willingness to cooperate as it mobilizes its powers to undo your feelings of anxiety or depression.

Spontaneous, hypnotic hand levitation is just one of these ways.

It is the easiest one to employ in the process of the hypnotic trance induction and utilization.

How it works and why it works

Both, the spontaneous and the induced hypnotic hand levitation works because the subconscious mind can create spontaneously, and also in response to hypnotic suggestions, various subconsciously-driven body movements.

If your subconscious mind happens to be interested in giving you the experience of the spontaneous hand levitation during your hypnosis session - your hand levitation will happen in an automatic fashion.

You will simply experience your hand rising on its own.

I will not have to give you any specific, hypnotic suggestions to evoke such a spontaneous reaction of your body to the state of hypnosis.

You may also experience a suggestion-driven hand levitation, if I decide to use it in your hypnosis session, and if your subconscious mind agrees with my hand-levitation-oriented suggestions.

I like to use the spontaneous, hypnotic hand levitation phenomenon in two ways.

One of them serves the purpose of the hypnotic trance induction, and the other I use to perform the actual life-changing work in hypnosis.

I’ve discovered long time ago that I was able to use the phenomenon of the spontaneous, subconsciously-driven hand lifting, as a powerful metaphor for “LIFTING” the feelings of anxiety and depression, and all other troublesome psychological conditions.

I’ve been able to help many of my clients to get rid of their subconsciously conditioned patterns of trouble, without using hypnotic suggestions, except the suggestion that their subconscious minds will keep on “LIFTING” their problems spontaneously - just as they are lifting spontaneously their hands during our hypnosis sessions.

Many amazing, hypnotic miracles of the mind liberation from the feelings of anxiety and depression, and all other kinds of psychological negativity were achieved at my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic over the years, in the way which I’ve briefly described above. And now they continue to happen in my Hypnosis Online practice.

I stress the usefulness of the hand levitation technique of hypnosis in the process of the dissolution of the feelings of anxiety and depression, and make a distinction between the anxiety and depression feelings and all other subconsciously entrenched problems of the mind, because 80% of the cases, in which I've successfully used the hand levitation technique of hypnosis were the cases of anxiety and depression feelings.

Each time I use this particular methodology to successfully dissolve the subconscious negative conditionings of my clients - I do marvel at the incredible power and creativity of the human subconscious mind.

I’m convinced that the phenomenon of the hypnotic hand levitation can be used by itself as a medium of a life-changing transformation, providing that a hypnotic session is SUFFICIENTLY ENERGIZED.

Your hypnotist must have enough energy to help you SHIFT your psychological trouble out of the realm of your subconscious mind, utilizing your spontaneous hand levitation alone, without resorting to the usage of the other tools of hypnosis.

Obviously, nothing beats the ease and the effectiveness of a hypnotic session, when the whole life-changing work performed in the state of hypnosis can be simply DELEGATED to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind knows everything about you.

It knows the source of your trouble and the best way that leads to your liberation.

All that is necessary to activate the inherent healing wisdom of your subconscious mind is someone who can inspire your subconscious mind to start working on the resolution of whatever has troubled you in your life.

Properly inspired subconscious mind can do all the necessary healing work on its own, without any additional efforts of a hypnotist.

Delegating the task of healing of your subconscious mind to YOUR OWN subconscious mind is the simplest and most effective way of achieving your psychological liberation.

As I finished to above sentence I remembered that one of the greatest hypnotists - Milton H. Erickson - whenever he needed to correct some sort of trouble in his own body or mind, he would just enter a state of self-hypnosis and say to his own subconscious mind: Do your own work now.

It was that simple for him, and it is that simple for all those who are in rapport with their own subconscious minds.

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