Halloween Hypnosis
Hallelujah to death!

Why do we worship death?

Every year towards the end of October, a large segment of our society becomes GRAVELY preoccupied with death.

On the surface it all looks like an innocent fun - but just think about it: Is building a grave in front of your house just an expression of a joy-filled and fun-marked activity?

Our end-of-October preoccupation with death borders on DEATH WORSHIP - an expression of reverence and adoration - which I like to call by the name of Halloween Hypnosis.

Hundreds of thousands of humans - towards the end of October, in the North American cities - start behaving as if they were under some sort of  a hypnotic spell, driving them into seemingly weird and absurd behaviours.

I'm sure, if it was only legal to do so, some people would place in front of their homes real corpses. They would rent the unclaimed bodies of the homeless, before their government-funded burials, and dump them for one night, right in front of their houses.

Wouldn't you agree with what I'm saying here? How far are the above-shown-images from the "real-dead-body in front of my house", dark-fun inclination of some of the members of the still alive humanity.

Truly, not very far at all! At least one member of my family - I know this for sure - would be incredibly excited by such a possibility.


My mind - the mind of a hypnotist - always looks for the possible subconscious motives of the conscious human activity.

Ultimately - as the contemporary neuroscience shows - most, and perhaps even all of our conscious activity springs forth from the dark, inaccessible unconscious.  

And what kind of the subconscious motives do I see in the popular phenomenon of the Halloween Hypnosis?

First of all, the bizarre worship of death, which happens towards the end of October, points to our common need to SOMEHOW overcome the terrible reality of our inevitable physical annihilation.

It seems that we expose ourselves to that horrible reality in the Halloween-fun-filled-way in order to make it less horrible, less tormenting, less disabling our lives.

It is a well known fact that whatever we can render humorous, whatever we can perceive as funny and amusing - it losses its deadly grip over our minds, and allows us to move on, as if the horrible reality was not really there.

It seems that our capacity for, and our engagement in the acts of the DARK HUMOUR are absolutely necessary for our survival.

The second, subconscious motivator of the Halloween Hypnosis - which I can see - is our common, deeply hidden in our subconscious minds, wish to die

This universal longing for death - which is a desire of the Spirit to shake off the terrible consequences and limitations of its physical incarnation - is not very obvious to most of us. Only a small fragment of the population consciously suffers from such longing for death.

One of my good friends prays: "Lord shorten my days".

This man has never suffered any kind of serious affliction in his life. He has a great family and is financially secure. He is also free from depression, and yet, from his lips comes a prayer which on the surface seems to be a sign of insanity.

The fact is that his prayer is not really insane. It just represents his conscious awareness of one of our deepest unconscious desires. A desire, which most of us would never acknowledge as the actual psychic force, slumbering deep down, in the dark corners of our subconscious.

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