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The Green Mile is a movie about death-row prisoners soon to be executed on the electric chair.

The distance which the death-row prisoners had to cover between their cells and the electric chair was called by the name of the green mile by the guards who performed the executions.

When the death row prisoners were walking from the transporting them vehicles to their cells, the guards used to shout: "Dead man walking!" - see the video clip below.

I am writing this green-mile hypnosis page mainly for myself.

I am writing it, so that I can visit it anytime I happen to fall into the trap of concern about whatever may still happen during the rest of my earthly existence.

This green-mile hypnosis page is meant to serve me as a form of self hypnosis, powerful enough, to reset my mind from the state of concern about the future into the state of peace, non-attachment to the outcomes of my endeavours, and all pervading equanimity.

I could have kept this page hidden on my website by encoding it in the way which would prevent public access.

In spite of the initial mental impulse to keep it private, I decided to publish it and potentially help many others to derive from it the benefit which I know I can derive from it for myself.


The fact of life is that we are all walking the green-mile from the moment of our birth to the moment of our death.

For the most part, however - and especially when we are still young - we behave as if we were hypnotized into a total lack of awareness of walking our green miles.

It is also a fact of life that not too many people in their later years are able to derive the benefits of what the older age offers - namely, the amazing freedom hidden in the later years of life.

This page is about the reality of this freedom, and how it can be used in order to liberate us from the trap of worry and concern regarding what may still happen to us, as we traverse the space and time which is still separating us from our final point of destination.


Is it possible for the man seen on the above presented image to worry about the future of his earthly existence?

Is it possible for him to be still concerned about how much money he has and about his business success?

Of course not!

The man whom you see above has no earthly concerns anymore. He has walked his green mile to its end.

For me, who's writhing this green-mile hypnosis page, and for you, who's reading it, the moment of our inevitable death is still some distance into the future. 

But no matter how far away is our death, our reality is still that of a dead-man-walking, and if we could only keep that reality in the foreground of our minds, all our earthly concerns would most likely disappear. They would most likely become like a puff of smoke blown away by the wind of our MEMENTO MORI awareness.

Just think about it:

How concerned are you going to be on your death bed about all of your earthly possessions?

Last hour in bed

How concerned are you going to be about your material successes and failures?


Will money still be of any value to you?

Of course not!


In order to access the amazing freedom hidden in the later years of life let's take this green-mile hypnosis - which I am applying here to you and to myself - a bit further, and pose a few more questions:

How concerned would you be about your failures and your successes if you knew that you were going to die in a couple of months?

Most likely not much at all!

And how much would you be concerned about everything related to your earthly existence if you new that you were going to die in a couple of years?

Would you be still worried about your corporeal future?

What I am attempting to accomplish by asking these questions is to come to the age at which you - knowing that your life is going to be over relatively soon - would release all of your typical concerns regarding the business of living.

As you look at the below presented sequence of images taken at different points along the time-line of one very famous and very successful man, at which point - do you think - he would be open to consider the benefits of the green-mile hypnosis?

older man
very old man

At which point - do you think - he would be able and willing to say: "I am a dead man walking", and give up all worries and concerns which typically plague those who are still blind to their own green-mile-reality?

What I call by the name of green-mile hypnosis has been practiced by the famous and not so famous people for millennia

One of the best known ways of application of the power of the green-mile hypnosis has been keeping a human skull on the desk, during long hours of work or study.

The following two paintings of Saint Jerome show the human-skull-powered green-mile hypnosis in action.

Saint Jerome
Saint Jerome

Assuming that you have already entered into your later years - if you place a human skull on your desk, the skull will start hypnotizing you right away by its very powerful silent message. It will keep on telling you: "Look at me, I was what you are, and soonyou will be what I am!".

The essence of the skull's message is the word "soon".

It is this little, seemingly innocent word - "soon", which instantly transforms you into a "dead man walking" his own green mile. 

The skull basically says that since you are already a "dead man walking", you are in the enviable position in which you don't have to be concerned about the future of your earthly existence. You don't have to be concerned about your future because you don't really have any.

This is the liberating essence of the skull's green-mile hypnosis.

Of course, you may disagree with the skull and say: "I know that I will eventually become what you are, but I may still have a few decades of life before I die".

If you say something like this to the skull, it will respond by saying: 

"Even if you still have another 30 years to live, I claim that your death will come relatively soon. And because it will come soon, the quality of your potential future is very different from the quality of the future which you had experienced when you were still young. 

Your former future was the future which offered you a chance of becoming. Your present future - most likely - offers you only a chance of being what you've already become.

And there is a huge difference between the art of being and the art of becoming. If you remain blind to this difference you are bound to suffer terrible psychological pains resulting from the feeling of the impotence of efforts. 

The fact is that at this point in your life it is already too late for many things to become a reality. And not only it is to late to accomplish certain outcomes - many attempts to accomplish something simply don't make any sense!

Just take a look at the poster which I'm showing you below:

Investment poster

The above presented poster shows how much money you would be able to accumulate in 25 years if you invested only $75 per week starting today.

Now, if you are at the age of 65 today, would you be thrilled by this offer? Would it make any sense to you to do what the poster suggests?

Most likely, following what the poster suggests - at your present age - would appear utterly nonsensical to you, simply because you don't have enough time to wait that long.

The reality of not having enough time to achieve certain outcomes in your life IS YOUR PRESENT REALITY!

And because it is already too late for you to consider a large variety of outcomes - the question arises: What is it that is still possible and worth doing?"

Skating man

What is it that is still possible and worth doing as the still seemingly solid and secure sheet of ice under your merrily moving feet is gradually melting?

It is so easy to become entangled in the hypnotic delusions of this world - and especially the delusions of the green-mile hypnosis.

The ambitions, aspirations, must-haves and must-dos.

All the perishable, pseudo-goods - which sometimes become our gods - that we so intently focus upon, as we traverse the seemingly solid terrain of the material world.

But what is the solidity of that terrain really like?

Very few of us keep in our daily remembrance the fact that our position is similar to that of a group of people living on a frozen lake, surrounded by cliffs over which there is no escape, yet knowing that little by little the ice is melting, and the inevitable day drawing near when the last film of it will disappear.

The merrier the skating, the warmer and more sparkling the sun by day, and the ruddier the bonfires at night, the more poignant the self-reflection, with which one must take in the meaning of the total situation.

The tragic results of attempting to be engaged in what is no longer possible and not really worth doing

No matter how good you've been at something that belongs to the category of the physical-reality-engagement - the time comes, when it is rather silly to attempt to continue with the activity that is utterly out-of-sync with the reality of the age-related green-mile hypnosis.

This link will take you to the video which serves as the audio-visual continuation of the above statement.

When we are still young, the activities which are symbolized by the below presented image are not only OK, but may be actually necessary

Chasing money

When we pass through a certain age threshold, however, chasing money along our green miles is rather pointless! Even if we are lucky and catch it - relatively soon, it will have to be released from our hands as we pass into the realm where the material possessions have no value whatsoever.

Everything that follows the above statement (the rest of the contents of my green-mile hypnosis page) will be based on the fact that we do indeed pass from our material existence into the existence which is non-material.

This changes everything!

Spirit apparition

What changes everything?

What changes everything is the undeniable fact that sooner or later you are going to get rid of your body.

Your disembodiment may happen in many different ways. You may even go to bed one night, and wake up in the morning without a body.

And what are you going to be when you get rid of your body?

Well ... Perhaps, you will still have some form of the non-physical, astral body, but whatever that body might be, it will have no need for food, clothing and shelter.

Consequently, you will be free from all of the needs of the material plane of existence EXCEPT ONE!

Can you guess what that need might be?

It is the most important need of any - still physically alive - human being: The need to BE IN A POSITIVE STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS.

This need will remain with you after you get rid of your body because CONSCIOUSNESS never dies.

How do I know that?

I know that because I've encountered human, discarnate entities who definitely wanted something from me. And wanting something is a function of consciousness - right?

Whenever you want something, or don't want something, or are attracted or averse to something, whenever you non-physically suffer from something - it is all happening in consciousness. There is no other place for it to happen.

Because consciousness never dies, I am going to offer you a powerful hypnotic suggestion, from the realm of the green-mile-hypnosis: WHAT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH doing as you slowly - or perhaps speedily   -  approach the end of your physical life is TAKING GOOD CARE of THE STATE of YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

You don't want to drag any kind of non-physical baggage into the realm of the spirit, because it will definitely make your non-physical existence utterly miserable.

It will place you into a HELL of non-physical existence, because you will have nothing physical there - nothing that you typically use to comfort yourself whenever you happen to suffer from a disagreeable state of mind. 

There will be no drugs there, no alcohol, no sweets, no cigarettes, no exercise - NOTHING to alter your negative state of consciousness.

You will just have your "NAKED" state of consciousness on your "hands", and if it's a negative state, you will find yourself instantly in the HELL of your own mind.

It is this negative state of your own consciousness that is going to TORMENT you. There are no devils necessary to perform this kind of torture.

Your common, negative states of consciousness, which you experience while being still here on earth are the "devils" in disguise.

It is not a good idea to bring them with you, into the realm of your spirit life, because that's how the hell is created - your own, personal hell created by your own tormented mind.

Carrying a load of garbage

Even on the earthly plane - where consciousness can be altered by various physical substances - the weight of the negative consciousness can be utterly disabling. Can you imagine what that weight might be like in the realm in which there is NOTHING BUT CONSCIOUSNESS?

holding a tray of mangoes

Green-mile hypnosis is about learning how to function from the purity of the SPIRIT

It is the process of unhypnotization from the dreadful ego-self hypnosis

It is not only your non-physical after-life that is going to benefit from the cleansing process of the green-mile hypnosis. Your remaining years of life in the body are going to benefit from it too.

Whatever you do when you are still in the body, you do from some point along the spectrum of all the possible levels of consciousness that lie between the theoretical extremum of the 100% ego-self, and the theoretical extremum of the 100% spirit self.

Light spectrum

Everything that you do totally depends on from which point along the spectrum of all the possible levels of consciousness you operate as you traverse the time-space continuum of your life.

Of course, it would be deeply tragic if at the age of - let's say 60 - you would be operating from the infant-level of consciousness.

It would be less tragic - in terms of its consequences - if in your later years you would be operating from the teenage level of consciousness.

It would be less tragic, but nevertheless, it would still be tremendously problematic. Your mind would be plagued by lack of confidence, various forms of insecurity, and a desperate need to be accepted by your peers.

All of the above mentioned theoretical scenarios are rather obvious - aren't they?

What is less obvious - what not too many people are aware of - is the fact that the quality, and the success of your earthly endeavours totally depend on the point, along the spectrum of all the possible states of consciousness, from which your thoughts and actions do originate.

You can serve the mangoes from the ego-self, or you can serve them from your spirit-self. And the difference between these two ways of serving - in most cases - is the difference between the success and failure of whatever it is that you want to accomplish.

How to operate from your spirit self is a subject which goes beyond the scope of what this page is trying to accomplish. If I ever dive deeper into this subject, a link to the pertinent information will be placed here.

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