Gold Hypnosis
August 09 / 2011

The world's largest 250 kg gold bar
at the Toi gold mine in Japan.

At $1,730 per oz.,
the value of this gold bar is $15,251,680

For the past few days my mind was under the influence of GOLD HYPNOSIS.

I started following gold prices on the 3rd of August, and became hypnotized by the idea that, I potentially could make a lot of money in gold.

GOLD HYPNOSIS caught me in its grip when gold was $1,660.40 USD per ounce.

That was a week ago.

Since then, the price of gold went up to $1,774.80 USD.

Gold went up by $115 USD per ounce, in a week.

If I had purchased 100 ounces on August 3rd, today I would be richer by $11,500 USD.

As the price of gold was steadily advancing during the past 7 days, I was progressively more and more overtaken by GOLD HYPNOSIS, and almost ended up possessed by the spirit of speculation in gold.

As my mind was spinning around gold, and its parabolic price advance, I transiently lost the ability to concentrate on anything else.

My state of mind - engendered by GOLD HYPNOSIS - was tense, irritable, and full of anxiety of missing out, on the unique profit making opportunity.

It was a state of almost suffering from not participating in the GOLD BONANZA, in which, obviously, countless others were making tons of money.

As I was going through the state of GOLD HYPNOSIS - thank God - I was able to observe the insane, mental processes of my own mind.

That means, I wasn’t totally possessed by the spirit of speculation in gold.

Amidst my gold-related, mental torment, and countless daily checks of the price of gold, I was able to look at the behavior of my own mind, with at least some degree of detachment.

My mind-behavior-witnessing ability has saved me from making any rush decisions related to the business of investing in gold.

What happened transiently to me, during the past few days of my life, is precisely what ruins all those, who attempt to trade in the stock market, and don’t know how to control their emotions.

Just as I ended up being possessed by GOLD HYPNOSIS, they end up possessed by a particular stock hypnosis.

Their emotions begin to fly high, and they begin to make economically tragic decisions.

I used to think that, playing the stock marker would be a piece of cake for my mind.

How incredibly humbling was my encounter with the state of GOLD HYPNOSIS.

I saw, with great clarity, and equally great amazement, how vulnerable I still was - how vulnerable anyone is, regardless of their life experience, and how little it takes for the hypnotic powers of this world to take hold of the human mind.

Today I am totally free from the state of GOLD HYPNOSIS.

I am still interested in picking up gold, but only if the price drops substantially down, which is most likely going to happen.

I’ve have presented to you my own story of GOLD HYPNOSIS, as a part of the writings posted on my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website because, it is representative of one of the most important things in your life.

Namely, of your ability to witness your own states of mind.

Unless you can dispassionately look at your own state of mind - you are totally at the mercy of that particular state, possessed by it, identified with it, in other words, your have lost your mind.

People lose their minds to their states of consciousness on a daily basis.

Anybody can experience a temporary state of loss of mind to a state of anger for example.

Again, these losses of control do happen to all of us, regardless of our level of evolutionary development.

They are a part of being human.

I do not expect myself to be able to never succumb to a possessive power of some negative state of consciousness.

I’ve just recovered from the grip of the trance of GOLD HYPNOSIS.

On the other hand, I do expect myself to be able to witness my own states of consciousness, utilizing a function of my mind, which I call META PERCEPTION.

Everybody possesses that function developed to at least some degree.

Everybody is capable of thinking about their own thinking.

“META” - simply means above, beyond or outside.

When my mind accesses its META PERCEPTION function, I am in a position to dispassionately observe the mental processes, taking place in the field of my consciousness.

I obviously don’t want to be in the state of META PERCEPTION all the time because, that would mean never being able to enter any passion.

There are times in your life, when you want to be totally lost in the utter delight of the moment.

On the other hand, there are times, when your field of consciousness experiences an invasion of negativity.

It is during these times that, your ability to access and utilize your META FUNCTION can by truly life saving.

As I have said it above, I am still interesting in picking up gold after its price drops substantially.

It seems that, the price of gold is long overdue for a correction.

What saved me from succumbing to the state of GOLD HYPNOSIS, was my META FUNCTION, and my system of inquiry into the actual nature of what happens in the world, and in my own life.

By making a number of inquiries into the current situation of gold, I temporarily decided against investing in the yellow metal.

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