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15 min. chart - each bar represents what happened with the price during 15 minutes

Daily chart - each bar represents what happened with the price during one day

This page is about my struggles to turn the forex price action patterns, like the one you see above, into the green stuff which you can see below

1. Forex hypnosis - euphoria

As the above demo-account transaction history printout shows, my first demo-account market speculation took place on Feb. 18. 2012. Today is Jan. 24. 2015, so it's been almost 3 years since I've been under the spell of the forex hypnosis.

My first few months on the demo account were a period of time characterized by a total demo-account-practice obsession.

Like many others, I became totally hypnotized by the utterly obvious and clear to me vision of turning the price action patterns into money.

It all seemed so easy. If all these famous, and all these not so famous, but also very successful speculators could do it - obviously, I could do it too. 

Obviously, I had to master this most wonderful video game in the whole world, as soon as possible!

My unwillingness to waste any time in the pursuit of the guaranteed success has kept me glued to the computer screen almost 24/5. If I could, I would have done it 24/7 but there are only 5 days of market speculation available in a week.

I had never been so high, for so long, in my whole life, and eventually I collapsed.

My energetic collapse made me realize that the way I was engaged with the market was not sustainable. This realization has marked the point of my adjustment to what my mind and body could handle.

2. Forex hypnosis - The purpose of this blog

I've started writing my forex hypnosis blog after a few months of non-engagement with the game of speculation. 

I have no commercial interest attached to the production of this page and the pages that will follow.

At this point, I'm writing mainly for myself in order to organize my very painfully acquired knowledge of the principles of successful speculation.

Successful market speculation - just as any other venture - requires that you enter the reality of whatever it is that you are interested in mastering.

There is no way around it.

If you want to walk on fire without burning, you must be able to enter the reality of a non-burning fire.

If you want to become a successful forex speculator, your must learn how to enter the reality of a non-burning market.

For most of the aspirants of the art of speculation it is not possible to not get burned in the market. As it is commonly known, most of the wannabe market speculators lose their money.

They lose their money because they never learn how to walk the dangerous fires of the market without burning.

I don't claim that I can do it at this point of my journey. All I can say is that the principles of what a successful forex speculator must do in order to make money are very clear to me.

I realize that this point of clarity, at which I've arrived, is one thing and the ability to apply it is another.

I'm writing this blog to have the clarity of what I've arrived at, easily available to my mind, any time I wish to refresh it.

One of the most basic principles of the successful market speculation is the daily reestablishment - in the mind of the speculator - of the principles of the successful speculation.

This blog is meant to give me just that.

It is meant to serve me as a source of the necessary, periodical dosage of the forex market self hypnosis.

All of the entries of this blog will be numbered for easy reference. However, the consequent entries are not going to be necessarily thematically connected. I will write freely, whenever my desire to continue this writing arises, and create new entries when various forex-speculation-related impressions come to my mind.

3. Forex hypnosis - My usage of the words "game"and "speculation"

I've been cautioned by one of the self-proclaimed forex experts that as long as I refer to the market speculation as a "game", I will never be successful. I consider this sort of thinking to be a complete B.S.

Just because I call the art of market speculation by the name of the "greatest video game in the world" does not mean that I take this game lightly / not seriously enough to make money / as a passing fad.

There are many games in the world, including the Olympic Games, which are treated by the game participants with utter seriousness. And the forex game can definitely be one of them. 

Before anything else, the art of the market speculation is a numbers game. It is a very serious game. It can make you (financially that is), or it can break you. It all depends how you play it.


Having read this page this far, you've probably realized that I don't use the word "trading" in my writing.

I don't use the word "trading" because when you are active in the forex market you are not trading anything! You are purely speculating - you are trying to predict what the next IDIOTIC PRICE movement is going to be.

Yes - I say "idiotic" because the price movements of the forex market - for the most part - make absolutely no sense at all. They jump up and down within minutes or even seconds. These price motions don't reflect any actual value changes of a given currency. Thy are simply a reflection of what the big market speculators do in order to fool others and grab their money.

If you will ever make money in the market, it is not because the price movements make sense. You will make it only because - even the price movements make no sense at all - they still follow certain patterns. This hasn't changed over the past 100 years and will probably never change.

Even the invention of the black-box speculation, and the high-frequency "trading" has not been able to eradicate the eternal price patterns.

So that's your edge, right there - the ever present patterns. And if you can only learn how to flow with these patterns - your ability to flow with them will translate itself into a very nice cash flow, something that every market speculator is ultimately after.


Whenever you are engaged in the market speculation, you are engaged in the absolutely fascinating process of creating value out of nothing. 

You create real value out of the unreal / non-actual-value related wiggles of the prices.

The creation of the real value out of the unreal / non-actual-value related movements of the prices is the great paradox of the game of speculation.

Some uneducated people think that this sort of activity is immoral, and that the market is a place where a bunch of evil speculators sucks the money out of the "innocent suckers".

The fact is that all of these "innocent suckers" have one, and only one goal in mind. They also want to grab the money of the other players, but for various reasons they can't. 

So the reality is that, there are no "innocent" people in the market who are mercilessly out-speculated by the evil "sharks".

In the market there are only players who do whatever they can to create losers out of the other players.

The reality of the market is identical to the reality of any other game, and its main characteristic is the desire to create a loser out of the opposite side. 

Every position taken in the market has always two sides. Someone has bought, and someone else has sold the same instrument, and of course, both of them hope that they are right.

The following video entitled: Billion dollar day, is a wonderful example of the forex game played on a very large scale. The speculators portrayed in this video are all high caliber professionals, and obviously none of them feels victimized by the other in any way.

Billion dollar day - Electronic poker - How the speculators make money out of money

4. Forex hypnosis - More about entering the reality of the successful forex speculation

As I've already said it above - if you want to be successful in any department of human existence, you MUST learn how to enter the reality of that particular department.

I became very interested in learning how to make money through the art of speculation, but not just for the sake of making money alone.

In fact, money alone, has never been able to motivate me to do anything. For me, money alone has never been enough. This - I admit - is a serious handicap, but that's the way it has always been with me.

I can do things only when I'm really interested in doing them.

I became interested in the art of speculation, because I've realized that there were people out there, who were very good at it, and if they could do it, perhaps I could learn how to do it too.


As a hypnotist, I've been always fascinated by the process through which we enter and exit various realities of life.

Entering and exiting various realities is what hypnosis is all about.

So for me, the challenge of learning the art of speculation has became a hypnotic challenge.

In a way, my FOREX HYPNOSIS is just one example of being hypnotized by the phenomenon of hypnosis to the point of devoting my life to the reality of hypnosis.

And - again - the reality of hypnosis is about entering and exiting various realities of life. As such it never ceases to be the object of my fascination. 


I also thought that, if I could learn the art of speculation, perhaps I could teach others how to do it, and thus help people to make money - something that most of the people seem to be lacking.

I would be happy to do this free of charge. Obviously, a truly successful speculator has no need to extract money from anyone. He can easily extract it from the market.

This truth brings us to another subject - the subject of how thousands of the naive people are being lied to, by the supposed teachers of the art of speculation.

5. Forex hypnosis - About the supposed teachers of the art of speculation

There are many of them on the Internet - trying to sell you their teachings. 

One of the most popular ones boasts 15,000 students @ about $300 per-student subscription fee. He also boasts his accessibility and personal answering of hundreds of emails per week.

Obviously he's not in the business of speculation. 

The contents of his blog are very well written, they are very convincing and frequently greatly inspiring. He writes very clearly about all of the necessary components of the successful game of speculation.

He really knows everything ABOUT all of the rules of the game, and I'm sure, he's been able to extract a lot of money from the market, now and then.

I'm also sure that as much as he knows everything ABOUT the art of speculation - he CANNOT make a lot of money from the speculative process.

To me, he's like someone who knows everything about playing a piano, or singing - all the theory behind it - but not really able to perform at a high enough level to make a living.

So here is the glitch: He holds himself to be an expert but he obviously CANNOT make millions from his expertise. He devotes all his time to the maintenance of his website and his email communications.

Some time ago he was asked to show his account statements.

Up to now, nobody has seen them.

This very successful Internet entrepreneur is an example par excellence of what the "teachers" of the game of speculation can offer.


If you want to hear the truth about the art of speculation listen to those who actually make millions from it.

They don't sell courses. They don't teach. They have no time for all this nonsense. They are busy making big bucks, and can show audited statements of their activity in order to entice investors to join their money making funds.


Now, if you want me to tell you who they are - the super successful ones, who not only make millions from the art of speculation, but are also willing to give free instruction, without strings attached - just send your request to:

I'm very curious to see how many inquiries I will get. This will give me some idea about how many people are reading this blog, and are interested to dig deeper into the subject of profiting from speculation.

At this point I must give you just one, seemingly bizarre word of caution:

It is extremely beneficial to listen to those who are the authentic players of the game, but even they CANNOT teach you how to win in the game of speculation.

Why is that?

Keep on reading and I will tell you all about it.

6. Forex hypnosis - The paradox of the game

The paradox of the game of speculation is in the fact that even the best teachings cannot teach you how to become a statistically consistent winner.

The paradox of the game of speculation is in the fact that even though there are no secrets as to what you must do in order to become a statistically consistent winner, most of the aspirants of the game cannot follow the success-guaranteeing-prescription. 

The winning prescription is deceptively simple:

There are certain price-movement patterns which - if you react to them appropriately - carry in themselves a much higher probability of winning than others. 

These patterns are NO SECRET!

They have been known for more than a 100 years. They don't change. They forever repeat themselves reflecting the non-changing nature of the two major human emotions, which drive the market behaviour. These emotions are FEAR and GREED. 

There are many well known, so-called, high-probability patterns and a successful speculator chooses some of them - sometimes only one - and behaves appropriately whenever he sees his preferential pattern unfolding.

What does it mean to behave appropriately? It simply means that a successful speculator must cut his loses short and let his winnings run. Isn't this utterly obvious and simple? It seems to be - right?

So, if it is so obvious and so simple - how is it that only a very few can successfully apply this trivially obvious success-guaranteeing-prescription?


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