Firewalking hypnosis is an example of POWER HYPNOSIS. It produces an amazing effect without the so-called hypnotic trance. It shows that, in order to achieve results the mind must absorb suggestions, and that it can do so in a state of full conscious awareness. 

Standing in front of the circular bed of burning coals, I was waiting for the proper state of mind to come. 

The firemaster told us that when she walked her first fire, nothing happened to her. But that was only half of her story. 

On her second attempt, she entered the fire in a rather cocky and arrogant frame of mind. The ease with which she conquered the fire the first time, deluded her into believing her "obvious" immunity. She got badly burned and needed medical attention. 

I knew, it was possible to enter a state of no-trance hypnosis, and walk on fire without getting burned. I had read about it and always wanted to experience the seemingly impossible reality of non-burning flames. 

How can a physical reality of combustion be altered by something done inside of a human mind? How can believing that a fire will not burn me, make it "cool" and totally harmless? If just thinking that a fire will not burn me renders it harmless - does it burn only because I believe it so?

These and other questions were going through my mind as I waited for faith to enter my mind. The fire master told us that we could walk the fire only when we “knew” that we could. She said we had to be patient and wait for that "knowing" to come. 

Entering firewalking hypnosis was a totally conscious maneuver - dependent only on the alternative reality, which we were told, we could enter at will. 

When the moment of faith finally arrived, I started walking amazed by the bizarre reality of the non-burning fire. The magic was happening right under my own feet. 

When I came to the other side, I felt so intoxicated by the whole experience that I decided to turn around and go back into the fire. This time I wanted to show off, to be admired by all those trembling souls standing around the fire. 

This was my "end" or rather the end of the skin under my feet which the image above clearly shows.

Today, I know that there are two ways of walking a fire. These two ways are the two states of consciousness which we, as humans, are known to experience.

For 20 years, I have been helping my clients to enter the states of immunity to all kinds of "fires" that burn in different areas of their lives. I do it because I know that there is a reality of a non-burning fire. It exists in your mind.

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