"One day, coming across Walter Orlowski's intriguing brochure, I picked it up, not knowing exactly why. 

Then within a few weeks I was offered a different position in my company which would involve a reasonable amount of highway driving. 

I had been driving for quite sometime but was still experiencing fear of highway driving.

My fear of highway driving was so strong that, I couldn’t even manage to go out on the highway. 

I accepted the position, believing I would somehow be able to conquer my fear of highway driving but not yet knowing how.

Out came the brochure. Fascinated by the idea and feeling open to it, I called the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, and spoke to Dr Walter Orlowski. 

He sounded calm and positive so I went for a visit. 

I immediately felt very trusting of him. After gathering some information from me on what I wanted, we began discussing other aspects of my life and I came away feeling satisfied with his approach. 

It seemed to encompass more than the mechanical method I had expected to convince me of something I wasn't yet sure I could do. 

Instead our talk reached out into areas that were important parts of my life. 

It felt as if all of those parts were not isolated but instead were connected, part of the whole. 

Later that week I saw him again and this time I relaxed and he spoke to me in that calming manner. 

He presented me with a different perspective on my fear of highway driving and helped me to go beyond it in my thinking – to the place beyond fear. 

Afterwards, we discussed what feelings had come up and anything else I had felt. What I had felt was happy – really happy. It was terrific. 

I had some other realizations too and I didn't feel strange, only relaxed like you do before sleep or after yoga. 

Dr. Orlowski told me, he would go out with me into the environment where my fear was – the highway. 

But first, he was able to reduce that fear of highway driving by making my goal seem less onerous – we would go out on a smaller highway – take it in smaller pieces. 

Even on the first trip l felt secure enough to take it up a notch to the main highway. After that, it all seemed to flow. 

I'm not sure yet how it began to come so easily but it did. 

Dr. Orlowski helped me enormously when I drove by helping me change my fear of highway driving through breathing, by talking to me calmly, by being relaxed and by having confidence in me. 

We only had a few trips out and he said I didn't need him anymore. I was there.

Dr. Orlowski's enthusiasm and belief in making the impossible possible is contagious. 

I feel that he respects fear, no matter what form it takes. He does not dismiss it and he is able to work with it, not against it. 

It was an incredible experience for me and helped me to overcome something I wasn't sure I could. I recommend it to anyone who chooses to overcome a difficulty and take a step forward on his or her path."

Pat Haugh

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