Custom Hypnosis is not optional. You do it all the time!

You may not be listening to custom-made self-hypnosis recordings, but you are constantly, subconsciously listening to yourself and to what others are telling you.

Most people end up subconsciously conditioned in a totally haphazard and most often trouble-producing way.

Through my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services I can help you take charge of your own unavoidable self hypnosis process.

You are indeed under either the curse or the blessing of your own Custom Hypnosis necessity.

It is your necessity because you can’t avoid self hypnotizing yourself as you go through the events of your life .

Just as on the stage of entertainment, a hypnotist hypnotizes his subjects into all kinds of nonsense, and the people willingly play it out - on the stage of your own life you’ve hypnotized yourself into all kinds on negative patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

The way your subconscious mind produces its own Custom Hypnosis, depends on what kind of influence has been exerted upon it - but ultimately, regardless of what happened in your life, it was always you, and only you, who placed your own meaning on those events.

Events are in themselves neutral.

As the saying goes: “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure”.

It is only after you place your own meaning upon the events of your life, they become something concrete to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is constantly absorbing powerful suggestions from many sources.

Some of those suggestions are rejected, but those which are accepted create your own private Custom Hypnosis.

You absolutely have to take conscious control of your unavoidable self hypnotic process, or else, you will suffer your subconsciously generated negative consequences.

Most of your personally created Custom Hypnosis happened to you when you were young.

The all powerful grown-ups around you, who appeared to posses god-like powers, influenced your subconscious mind in the most powerful and lasting way.

Depending on what they were repeatedly saying to you, and how they were treating you, the outcome of their hypnotic influence was either mostly positive or negative.

As a child you could not defend yourself against the powerful negative influence of the adult world - but now you can really take charge of what goes on in your subconscious mind.

You not only can take charge of your own self hypnosis necessity - you must take a conscious control over your unavoidable Custom Hypnosis process, or else nothing will ever change in your life.

My Online Hypnosis and Counseling practice is devoted to helping you succeed in becoming a master or your own subconscious mind.

This particular page describes how I can help you take conscious control over your subconscious mind, by creating Custom Hypnosis MP3s that will fit your particular subconscious needs like a glove.

Custom Hypnosis is infinitely more powerful than the run-off-the-mill, ready made hypnosis MP3s, because it takes into account your own, unique life experience.

It draws on your talents, inner strengths and potentials. It basically allows you to achieve whatever you want to achieve in the most powerful, harmonizing with your own nature way.

In most cases Custom Hypnosis works best, when someone with the gift of a deep insight creates a custom self hypnosis recording for us - rather than - when we try to produce it for ourselves.

We are generally to close to ourselves to really see ourselves and appreciate who we truly are.

Just as it is impossible to see the totality of a city from the level of a sidewalk, it is practically impossible for us to really see ourselves when it is us alone who’s looking.

We need to distance ourselves from ourselves to really see who we are and what we are capable of.

Another person, providing, he or she has the gift of an insight generally sees us much better than we can see ourselves.

My Online Hypnosis and Counseling Services can provide for you this unique outside perspective just as I’ve been providing it for others for 30 years now.

I will be able to see in you, what you alone might never be able to see by yourself.

It is through the power of my insight into your unique strengths and potentials, that I can create for you Custom Hypnosis MP3s, which you might never be able to create for yourself, due to the above mentioned, unavoidable limitations of your personal insight.

Creating a powerful, life-changing, 100% Custom Made Hypnosis MP3, with no pre-made insertions is a form of self hypnotic art.

It requires great interviewing skills, superb script writing ability, and most of all a very special voice energy. It is mainly the voice energy that gets the job done.

Custom Hypnosis effectiveness, requires that you connect both, consciously and subconsciously, with the energy of the custom made hypnotic recording.

You most likely are aware of the fact that you listen only to those people, whose energetic quality speaks to you regardless of what they are saying.

Others, may be saying the same thing, but it’s impossible for you to listen to them in a way that can influence you, because you can’t connect with the energy of their vocal performance.

My Custom Hypnosis work is highly individual. Different cases require different amounts of time and energy, and are priced accordingly.

When you decide that you would like to have a Custom Self Hypnosis MP3 created for you, we are going to negotiate your payment. Your payment will depend on the extent of work needed to satisfy you needs.

Our Skype or the phone, Custom Hypnosis interview will take between one-to-two hours of time. It will enable me to gather all the necessery information for the production of your Custom Hypnosis recording.

Your payment can be delivered through either the PayPal payment option provided on my website, or any other way that we will agree upon.

As I have already mentioned it above, Custom Self Hypnosis recordings are my form of art.

Like any other real, artistic soul I do have a need of creative expression. It is that need that drives my Custom Self Hypnosis recording production.

Because of my artistic authenticity, all pieces of my hypnotic art are produced with great care and under the guidance of inspiration.

No artist can produce anything of real value, from the surface level of his or her mind. The true work of art is always a product of inspiration.

And the in-Spira-tion, as the divided word shows, can come only from the Spirit.

The effectiveness of my Custom Self Hypnosis art comes precisely from the intensity of my Spiritual Connection.

It is this connection, worked out via the most difficult challenges of my own life, which assures that what I can create for you, will be created in the Spirit.

It will be created in the Spirit and as such it will be most effective.

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