Bio energy healing session

How I discovered bio energy healing

If you start exploring the subject of bio energy healing you will come across different definitions and different techniques.

This page is about bio energy healing of the mind and addictions and describes the phenomenon of this type of healing according to my own experience gathered during the years of working at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic.

What I call by the name of bio energy healing is a healing which arises out of the interaction of a healthy bio energy field with the diseased one.

This kind of healing came into my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice as a welcomed surprise.

While working with people suffering from alcoholism, I discovered that I could help them using a minimal amount of hypnotic suggestions.

I would keep on passing my hand over the body of a hardened alcoholic without saying much, and he would stop drinking.

The results which were quite amazing encouraged me to see how my newly discovered healing ability would perform with feelings of fear, anxiety, and depression.

It turned out that I was able to undo the states of entrenched psychic negativity just as I could undo an alcoholic addiction.

What I was doing was obviously not hypnosis. As I kept on utilizing this newly discovered healing modality, what I felt in my hand during the healing sessions appeared to be compatible with the descriptions of the bio energy healing. 

Many clients of my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic have told me that when I was working with them - utilizing the bio energy healing methodology - they felt as if I was pulling something out of them. They were experiencing various energetic phenomena and so was I.

I could feel that I was absorbing into my hand the negative energy of their conditions.

My hand would often become uncomfortable and even painful. Whenever I felt a significant level of discomfort, I would terminate the session. On some occasions, the absorption of the psychic negativity into my hand and forearm causes a significant level of discomfort. However, I've never experienced difficulty unloading these energies after the bio energy healing sessions.

Bio energy healing of the mind is quite an amazing reality.

To be able to pass my hand through the energy-aura of an anxiety-ridden person, absorb the energy of anxiety, and then shake it off, setting the sufferer free is mind-boggling to me.

I never stop pondering how these things are possible.

How does bio energy healing work

Nobody knows for sure how the bio energy healing works.

What bio energy healing practitioners know from experience is that it works and this is the only thing that matters to them and the people who are helped through this form of healing.

Even though there is no medical, scientific explanation of the bio energy healing phenomenon, it is not difficult to imagine how it might work.

What we know is that every living creature has a bio energy aura around it. This aura is an energy field in which all of the properties of the living organism are manifested.

It seems possible that when a diseased energy field of a sick person comes in contact with the healthy energy field of a healer, their energy fields interact in a way similar to the energetic interaction between a hot object with the cold one. A cold object absorbs the energy of the hot one until both of them reach the same level of temperature.

What makes the energy of heat flow from the hot object to the cold one is governed by the simple physical laws of energy. This kind of energy transfer always happens spontaneously.

What laws govern the transfer of energy of the disease from a sick person to the energy field of a healer during a bio energy healing session. This kind of energy transfer does not seem to happen spontaneously.

Perhaps all that is needed for the initiation of the bio energy healing process is the power of intention? Perhaps every healthy person could serve as a bio energy healer if he could only believe the reality of the bio energy healing and maintain in his mind a high level of the healing intention.

What I have found in the literature describing the bio energy healing process suggests that any healthy person can be trained to serve as a bio energy healer. 

Carl Jung's words confirm the reality of the bio energy healing of the mind

Carl Jung

Here is what one of the greatest psychiatrists of all times - C.G. Jung - wrote about the energetic nature of psychological phenomena:

"In physics... we speak of energy and its various manifestations, such as electricity, light, heat, etc. The situation in psychology is precisely the same. Here, too, we are dealing primarily with energy...

What I wished to do for psychology was to arrive at some logical and thorough view such as is provided in the physical sciences by the theory of energetics. This is what I was after in my paper On Psychic Energy."

Bio energy healing of the mind - a sample case

Jacob (aged 12) was brought to my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic by his mother due to his stuttering problem. After the initial interview, I started the bio energy healing session, using a moderate amount of hypno-effective suggestions, without using the so-called hypnotic trance.

While passing my hand above his body, I felt the negative energy entering my hand and forearm up to the elbow joint.

After about 15 minutes I had to stop, due to the high level of discomfort felt in my limb.

We had one more bio energy healing session and I felt that it was enough. Indeed, Jacob's stuttering went away.

Here is what he said after the first session:

Stuttering boy

"I felt very light, my feeling of tiredness disappeared. I understood many things and the presentations in front of my class were not stressful anymore."

A few weeks later, Jacob's mother called me and said: "Today, Jacob had a big presentation in front of his class. His speech was perfect".

As mentioned above, during Jacob's bio energy healing session I had used a moderate amoung of hypno-effective suggestions without inducing the state of hypnosis. 

This may suggest that these suggestions were necessary and that they played an important role in Jacob's bio energy healing process.

I am not going to disclaim this possibility, however, I've also experienced the positive bio energy healing results while working with my clients in silence.

When you might need bio energy healing of the mind

You might need bio energy healing of the mind when you have negative, psychic energy structures stuck in your system, and when they cannot be removed by perception-altering hypnosis or psychotherapy alone.

When the psychic negativity is stuck in your system - regardless of what and how you perceive - your situation is similar to that of heaving a splinter in your toe. It is there, and no amount of hypnosis can get it out of there. It has to be pulled out.

Bio Energy Healing - my Hypno-Energetic Method

I've said above that I've performed bio energy healing sessions in silence and that I've also performed them with the addition of the hypno-effective suggestions.

As you have read this, you may asked yourself a question: Is he using hypnosis during his bio energy healing sessions or not? And if he is running some of the sessions in silence and adding the hypno-effective-suggestions during some other sessions - when and why is he silent, and when and why he keeps on talking?

To answer these questions I'm going to say this:

Adding hypno-effective suggestions during the bio energy healing sessions cannot hurt. And because on some occasions I've been asked by my clients to speak to them as I've performed the bio energy healing, I've started using hypno-effetive suggestions during all of my bio energy healing sessions.

I've been offering these sessions under the name of my Hypno-Energetic Method.

Bio energy healing of the somatic conditions - work in progress

I am past sixty at the time of writing these words and my bio energy level is lower than it used to be 20 years ago. Because of this I do not engage anymore in a significant amount of bio energy healing work. Instead, I encourage younger, energetically-strong-people to explore for themselves what they can accomplish via their own bio energy healing maneuvers.

Just recently (summer of 2019) while vacationing in Europe I encouraged one of my friends to apply the bio energy healing methodology with the purpose of helping his wife to overcome her very serious - 4th stage - cancerous condition.

My friend followed my guidance and the results of the combined chemotherapy with the bio energy healing sessions - held daily for an extended period of time - were quite miraculous. His wife's cancer has disappeared.

She had only one course of chemotherapy, while the bio energy healing sessions were going on daily for a couple of months.

At some point, during the process of the bio energy healing, my friend told me that he feels his wife should be listening to something as he kept on passing his hand above her body.

I made for her a couple of custom-made, self hypnosis recordings which were played during the healing sessions.

The above-presented case of healing from cancer makes me think that it might be worthwhile to promote bio energy healing as an adjunct to the conventional cancer-curing methodologies.

The supportive - and perhaps even decisive in some cases - bio energy healing sessions could be performed by the relatives of the cancer patients, after providing them with a couple of hours of education and guidance.

Follow this link to see the importance of the proper mindset during the process of healing from cancer. 

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