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Hypnosis is not a matter of talking but of power

How would your best hypnotist in Toronto answer the question: How does hypnosis work?

Your best hypnotist in Toronto may say something like this:

When I think about how hypnosis works, a famous Biblical phrase comes to my mind:

"The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power".

                                                                 1 Cor. 40:20

When we substitute the words: "The Kingdom of God"with the word: Hypnosis, we are going to get the actual description of the reality of the effective hypnotic intervention, which is:

Hypnosis is not a matter of talk but of power!

In REAL hypnosis there is a transfer of power.

During a REAL hypnosis session there is a gradual blending of the fields of awareness, and a gradual transfer of power.

On the energetic level a REALLY EFFECTIVE hypnotic intervention looks like this - see the image below.

The PSYCHIC ENERGY / POWER ASPECT of HYPNOSIS, is something that not too many people are aware of. 

For the most part, hypnosis is perceived as a procedure that delivers hypnotic suggestions to the subconscious mind of a help-seeking person.

True, the semantic aspect of hypnosis represents an authentic power - the power of the ideas that resonate with the human mind.

But even the best hypnotic suggestions - if delivered IMPOTENTLY - will be of no use to the help seeking person.

It is a well known phenomenon, that we are all willing to listen to some people and not to others.

There are people who may be telling us the greatest things, and yet, what they are saying makes absolutely no impression on us.

On the other hand, there are people who make impression on us, no matter what they are saying.

The same set of hypnotic suggestions can be delivered by one hypnotist and make no effect at all, while another hypnotist can use it and profoundly influence his subject.

The bottom line is that your best hypnotist in Toronto must have the POWER to shift your state of consciousness.

Truly - Hypnosis is not just a matter of talk but of POWER.

Another way in which your best hypnotist in Toronto could answer the question: How does hypnosis work?

Have you ever experienced highway hypnosis?

Hypnosis always works as an inherent part of our natural psychic functioning. It is not something that works as a result of some artificial manipulation of awareness. Hypnosis works as an extension / utilization of the common, everyday trance phenomena. 

The common, everyday trance happens spontaneously whenever we are exposed to the realities which are monotonous and boring in nature.

One example of such realities is a long-distance-highway-driving. Long-distance-highway-driving frequently generates a state known as the highway hypnosis. 

When highway hypnosis happens, you cover a distance between point A and point B, and have no conscious memory of anything that you've seen along the road. 

Your conscious memories of the road are absent because you've been driving in a state of trance.

An absent-minded look is one of the easily observable characteristics of the common, everyday hypnotic trance.

There are people who don't have to be exposed to the events that are monotonous and boring in nature in order to enter a state of the common, everyday hypnotic trance.

They enter such trances spontaneously, many times during the day. For them, it is natural to spontaneously shift between the state of being alert and awake, and the state of deep inner absorption.

These "naturals" are very good hypnotic subjects. It is very easy for them to enter the state of hypnosis.

Your best hypnotist in Toronto may expand on the above given answer and say:

Because it is so natural for the people to enter the state of hypnosis, the ART of HYPNOSIS is NOT about the trance induction.

Anything that is boring or monotonous, sooner or later, will produce a state of hypnosis.

Everybody enters the state of hypnosis upon falling asleep, and upon awakening.

It is very easy to induce a hypnotic state.

The art of hypnosis is about the TRANCE UTILIZATION.

The art of the trance utilization can be compared to the art of motivational speaking, the art of preaching, writing, or directing movies.

It is an art of PRESENTATION of REALITIES, which upon coming in contact with human awareness create in it profound and lasting changes.

Because the art of hypnosis is just like any other art - in the sense that it obviously requires a great deal of talent - it can be neither learned, nor performed by a person who lacks this particular kind of talent.

The reality of the necessity of talent possession has been beautifully made obvious to the large numbers of people, through the shows running under the name of The American Idol.

The art of singing is intensely hypnotic. 

The whole audiences - sometimes thousands of people at a time - go absolutely crazy upon hearing certain kinds of lyrics, combined with the emotion-evoking-power of music.

But obviously, the hypnotic effect of a singer is not just in the lyrics or the music. It is in his WAY of DELIVERY.

In other words, a singer hypnotizes his audience NOT by what he sings, but ONLY by HOW he sings.

Most of the participants of the American Idol Show have very little talent. They desperately want to perform but they simply can't. 

Their inability to sing is immediately obvious to the audience, but somehow it is not obvious to the mediocre performers.

It is absolutely amazing how many people are profoundly deluded as to their ability to sing. The American Idol Show could be entitled: The Great Parade of Delusions!

One of the most important characteristics of your best hypnotist in town is that he is NOT deluded as to his actual ability to perform super-effective hypnosis.

What has been presented here shows clearly that you NEVER go just for hypnosis. You ALWAYS go for a particular performer.

Hypnosis is NOT something that is as uniformly available as the McDonald's hamburger - something that you can get in the same form and quality wherever you go.

There is no such thing as McDonald's of hypnosis.

You will NOT find your best hypnotist in Toronto in all the places where hypnosis is supposedly performed.

In most of the places where hypnosis is supposedly performed, what you will find resembles the DELUSIONS of the real-talent-lacking American Idol performers.

It is so, because today, the field of hypnosis is largely populated by the people who think they can make a quick buck, by putting out a hypnosis shingle - after taking some few-weekend-long, monkey-business hypnosis courses. 

Such courses are widely offered by the monkey-business "schools" of hypnosis. These shadowy establishments, usually tell the misinformed, and the naive, that they will be able to "practice" hypnosis right after they finish their few-weekend-long, pseudo-teachings of the art and science of hypnosis.

It never ceases to amuse me that people do fall for these schemes - these patent misrepresentations of what it really takes to learn and practice hypnosis.

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