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Hypnosis can be used for therapeutic purposes but it is not a therapy in and of itself

Your best hypnotist in Toronto is not a cookie-cutter-like product of some presumptuous - “therapist making” - certification process

Not a cookie-cutter like …

Your best hypnotist in Toronto is not a therapist. Therapy is not the best word to describe / reflect what he does.

One of the best names that could be chosen to describe what he does is: HYPNOTIC ALTERATION of the REALITY YOU LIVE IN. It is a rather lengthy name but it really reflects what hypnosis is all about. 

People come to see your best hypnotist in Toronto because they hate the mental reality which they inhabit. They want to get out of that reality and live their lives in a different way. That’s all there is to it.

When I say “hypnotic” I mean INFLUENTIAL - Influential enough to change the way you function. Whether or not, the altered state of consciousness is used, during your hypnosis session, is not the issue. The only issue is that you get the change you desire.

You can watch a very hypnotic documentary, which covers a particular area / event of somebody else’s life and it can create in you a lasting change. This kind of change can happen also as a result of reading a hypnotic / highly influential book.

Regardless of how it happens it is all hypnosis. It is hypnosis because it un-hypnotizes you from the undesirable you, and hypnotizes you into the you that you want to be.

So again, what is hypnosis? Hypnosis is the psychological INFLUENCE which reaches deep enough to change the undesirable way of your functioning for the better.

Your best hypnotist in Toronto MUST be a MASTER INFLUENCER, and I’m sure that you can appreciate the fact that the ability to influence people is a skill that not too many humans possess. 

The same goes for the REAL ability to sing, act, or play an instrument. The real talent is rare, and this means that your best hypnotist in Toronto is a rare gem indeed. 

The best hypnotic operators are not the products of a cookie-cutter-like educational processes.

They are all very different, and able to deliver what you are looking for in their own highly individualized way.

When you finally decide to book a session with your best hypnotist in Toronto, don’t ever think that you are going for hypnosis. 

You cannot go for hypnosis, just as you cannot go for singing. You can only go for one specific performer of the art, who does what he does in his own unique way.

What I’ve said above means that the whole notion of “certified hypnotist” - a product of some cookie-cutter-like certification process, which is supposedly meant to produce the uniformly rated, and uniformly performing hypnotic operators - is an idiotic notion, which has no relationship to the actual reality of the hypnotic art whatsoever.

The best hypnotist in the world - Milton H. Erickson, had never taken any hypnosis courses. He achieved his level of mastery of the hypnotic art by careful observation of his own psycho-physiological functioning and the functioning of other people around him.

An off-the-mill certification course in hypnosis is not going to make anyone into a great hypnotist. Nowadays, almost anyone with a heartbeat can get such a totally meaningless certification.

It would be of great help to anyone who is authentically talented in the area of hypnosis to become a student of his best hypnotist in town, but ultimately it is the inborn talent combined with the desire, and cultivation that turns a gifted person into a star. 

A master of the art can at best help an already existing talent to blossom. He cannot create it out of nothing.

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