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Hypnosis as the art of creating positive, custom-designed frames of mind

Therapeutic hypnosis is basically the art of REFRAMING psychic pain, and disability-inducing-memories, which somehow got stuck in your subconscious mind

On some occasions, our pain and disability inducing memories are totally conscious, and yet - in spite of being fully conscious of what they are - we remain enslaved by their negative, life-wrecking influence.

Whenever this happens, hypnosis can also be used as the agent of positive influence, which has the power to dissolve both, the conscious and the subconscious negative frames of mind. 

Your best hypnotist in Toronto must be the master of the art of creating the positive custom-made FRAMES of MIND. As such, he must be the master of the SEMANTIC INFLUENCE.

The power of the SEMANTIC INFLUENCE depends mainly on two factors: The creative semantic ingenuity of your best hypnotist in Toronto and the ENERGY with which he delivers his hypnotic suggestions to your  subconscious mind.

It is a well know fact that different people can say to you the same thing, and yet - somehow - what one of them says will make absolutely no impression on you, while the same utterance delivered by the other person can miraculously reset your mind for the better.

Why is it that the identical hypnotic suggestions delivered by different hypnotists can be so diametrically different in terms of their power to influence?

This happens because some hypnotists possess the hypnotic POWER and others do not. 

Your best hypnotist in Toronto - obviously - must have this POWER. It is this power that all of his hypnotic effectiveness is based on.

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