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Oil hypnosis? Well, yes ... it appears that everything can be spoken of in terms of hypnosis

Your best hypnotist in Toronto - if he is a true hypnotist - can speak of everything in terms of hypnosis

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It used to appear to me that most of the people would never connect with my ways of writing about hypnosis, but what I recently observed in the writings of others confirms that my way of seeing the world through the lens of hypnosis IS ACTUALLY not such a weirdo-made-pseudoreality. 

The images used on this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website support the view that EVERYTHING can be spoken of in terms of hypnosis understood as INFLUENCE / STUCKNESS in a particular form of reality / A PERSISTENT train of thought / or just a FLEETING DAYDREAM which for a few seconds removes you from your common daily-reality-orientation.

So yes - it is OK for me, and for you too to say that EVERY MENTAL POSITION, EVERY FORM of PERCEPTION is a form of hypnosis. It is OK for me and for you too to say that hypnosis RULES THE WORLD !!!

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What you see in the above presented fragment of the article about oil hypnosis - the phrases: exerting uncommon influencecasting such a spell - is typical of the language used to describe hypnosis.

What you see is a confirmation that EVERYTHING CAN be SPOKEN of in TERMS of HYPNOSIS! 

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