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What you are paying for when you go for hypnosis

Have you already found your best hypnotist in Toronto?

If your answer is yes - read this page, in order to become absolutely clear about what it is that you will be paying him for. 

Almost all of the people who go for hypnosis think that they are paying for hypnosis.

I am writing this page - of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website - to dispel this so common delusion.

The evocation of the state of the hypnotic alteration of consciousness - a state which is frequently called by the name of the hypnotic trance - is very simple.

Hypnotic alteration of consciousness is very common. Anything that is sufficiently monotonous and boring, anything that "puts you to sleep" is capable of shifting your consciousness into a state identical to the state of the hypnotic trance.

Speaking with only a very slight degree of exaggeration, I can safely say that, almost any idiot can ask you to close your eyes and start counting aloud - from 1000 backwards - till you eventually start mumbling the numbers incoherently, and fall under the spell of his "great hypnotic powers".

The people who are best known for their ability to shift others into altered states of consciousness are the boring lecturers. 

As they keep on talking, their students sit seemingly conscious, with their eyes wide open, but they are not really there. They are deeply immersed into their individual day-dreams, which are another form of hypnosis.

Each time you fall asleep, and each time you wake up, your consciousness goes through the hypnotic state - the state in which you are neither asleep, nor fully consciously aware of yourself and your surroundings. 

Just being in the state of hypnosis doesn’t do anything. Only utilization of the hypnotic state - for the therapeutic purposes - is of the real value

And that is why ONLY the CREATIVE utilization of the hypnotic state is what really matters.

It is ONLY the creativity of your best hypnotist in Toronto, that can help solve your problem. 

It is not hypnosis per se. Your best hypnotist in Toronto uses hypnosis ONLY for the purpose of conveying something to your subconscious mind

It is the content of his performance and not the hypnotic state that does the job.

Your best hypnotist’s hypnosis session consists of two components: an altered state of consciousness, and the creative utilization of it.

The first component - an altered state - is not a big deal. The second component - the creative utilization of the altered state of consciousness is what really matters.

You can think about what I have said above in this way: A book made of the blank pages has no value - there is no way that it could ever influence you in any way

It is only the content which fills the pages that has any value. And obviously, a valuable content can be produced only by a very skillful, and very creative writer.

Hypnotic state is like a blank page waiting to be filled with the creative content.

Your best hypnotist in Toronto must be able to function like a very skilful, and a very creative writer. 

What he offers to your subconscious mind - during your hypnosis session - must be very influential, or else, you will waste your money.

In other words - it is the creative ability of your best hypnotist in town that really matters, and just as it is in all areas of human creativity, the creative abilities of different hypnotists vary to a great degree.

Unless you are born to be a creative writer of the horror-stories - just as the famous author Steven King has been - there is no way that you could ever become successful as a horror-story writer. The same goes for the creative ability to compose music and everything else. The art of hypnosis follows the same rules.

Different forms of creativity serve different creative purposes, and for the most part, they are INBORNand cannot be developed by the efforts of will.

People ask me sometimes if I know a hypnotist who operates close to their homes. These people follow a rather delusional way of thinking. 

They think that hypnotic interventions are like the products sold at McDonald’s.

They think that every hypnotist in Toronto is just like any other hypnotist. They think that one can go for hypnosis. They are totally ignorant of the fact that you can never go for hypnosis. You can only go for a particular performer.

When you pay for the services of your best hypnotist, you are basically paying for using his creative energy. His creative energy is what your best hypnotist in Toronto gives to you, and you pay for it with your money. 

Since money has to be earned in some way, and it takes energy to earn it - what your best hypnotist in town exchanges with you, is one form of energy for another form of energy. 

A high quality hypnosis session must be powerful, and a powerful session requires a lot of the psychic energy, in order to be effective. 

Because of the expenditure of energy - on your hypnotist’s part - his hypnosis sessions are generally speaking very exhausting, and it is impossible for him to run several sessions back-to-back during the same day. 

That is why, what your best hypnotist in Toronto does can never make anyone rich.

Most likely, your hypnotist could do other things to make much more money, but he does what he does because it is the most natural thing for him to do.

Just as the most natural thing for Steven King is to write his horror stories - it is the most natural thing for your best hypnotist in town to work with hypnosis. 

He has the inborn talent for the hypnotic work.

As I’ve already said it above, you are basically paying for using his creative energy. 

When you pay for the services of your hypnotist, you pay for the QUALITY of the creative engagement

You pay for what your best hypnotist’s in town creative ability can create for you, simply because, you cannot create what you need by your own efforts.

You see, hypnosis alone, is not going to do anything for you. It is only the creative content injected into the medium of the altered state of awareness that does the trick - just as it is only the content which fills a blank page, that transforms that page into something of great value.

It is the creative ability of your best hypnotist in Toronto - which he channels through the medium of hypnosis - that can potentially transform you into a person that you want to be.

And this is what you are ultimately paying him for.

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