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Is there such a thing as the best hypnotic technique?

How would your best hypnotist in Toronto answer the question: What is the best hypnotic technique?

The answer which your best hypnotist in Toronto may give you to the above posed question may appear to be very surprising.

He may say: "There is no such thing as the best technique of hypnosis, there are only best hypnotists and their individual techniques".

He may repeat himself and say that hypnosis does not work like McDonald's.

There is no such thing as McDonald's of hypnosis

Most of the people think that they go for hypnosis when they book a hypnosis session, not realizing that there is no such thing as going for hypnosis. One can only go for a particular hypnotist and his particular hypnotic technique.

Which hypnotist in Toronto is the best hypnotist for you? Which hypnotist uses the technique that would be most appropriate to deal with your individual case?

I cannot answer this question. Once you meet your best hypnotist in Toronto you will know the answer yourself.

Hypnosis - as the famous Dr. Milton H. Erickson has said - is about "the individual responding to the individual".

Erickson was absolutely clear about the individual / unique aspect of each hypnotist's interactions with the people who seek help through hypnosis.

What follows is a short video which shows Erickson talking about the hypnotic technique.

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