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Can effective hypnosis be done online?

How would your best hypnotist in Toronto answer the question: How do you work online?

In order to benefit the most from this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website, you should first read the two preceding pages in the series of the pages on which I speak about the hypnotic technique:

1. Is the hypnotic trance absolutely necessary?

2. Can hypnosis be done without the formal induction of the hypnotic trance?

The above-listed-pages show the reality of the effective hypnotic interventions which is void of the formal induction of the hypnotic trance.

For me, this reality is the most useful reality of hypnosis as far as the hypnosis online is concerned.

Most of the hypnotic work which I perform in my office is done in a state of the hypnotic trance. However, when I work online, my approach is different.

My hypno-effective work online is done via email and includes the following forms of intervention:

1. Assessment / Evaluation of the reality in which a help-seeking person is stuck.

2. Hypno-effective presentation of the way out from the state of psychological stuckness.

3. Ongoing support, until the new way of thinking / behaving becomes a fully solidified, operational reality in the help-seeking person's life.


I call the above described approach by the name of HYPNO-EFFECTIVE, because my many years of clinical practice have taught me that in many cases, human problems can be undone by highly influential presentations of information. 

These kinds of presentations of information have a profound effect on both, the conscious and the subconscious mind - hence the name: HYPNO-EFFECTIVE.

What I'm saying to you here is basically this:

Tell me your story, show me what torments you, and how it torments you and the chances are I will be able to show you the way out.

Tell me what you want to accomplish and what prevents you from reaching your goal, and the chances are I will be able to help you achieve your objective.

Ultimately - as the old biblical sayings go - "All things begin in the mind" ... And you must "be careful how you think, because your life is shaped by your thoughts".

It is relatively easy to get stuck in the negative patterns of thought and emotion, and on the other hand, it is not that easy to overcome them.

What I offer you here can be described by several headings:


Creative problem solving

Hypno-effective counselling

Entering this process is as easy as writing an email, and you pay for the service in one-step-at-the-time fashion, so there is no any preset financial commitment required. The one-step-at-the-time fees vary from case to case, depending on the amount of work required.

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