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The purpose of the information gathering session

How would your best hypnotist in Toronto answer the question: What's the purpose of the initial, information gathering session?

The initial, information-gathering-session serves as a foundation for the working sessions of hypnosis to follow.

Your best hypnotist in Toronto uses the initial information-gathering-session to locate your points of power. 

Everybody has the strong points, and the weak points in the realm of his psyche. It is absolutely necessary to discover what the strong points are, in order to properly conduct the working sessions of hypnosis.

These strong points - many of which exist outside of the conscious awareness of a help seeking person - represent his unique inner potentials.

These inner potentials - if properly utilized - have the power to shift the suffering psyche in the right direction.

People need hypnosis NOT because they lack power. They need hypnosis because - for the most part - they are totally unaware of what their points of power are, and even if they are aware of what they are, they lack the ability to utilize them.

The bottom line is that, the hypnotic intervention - if it is to be successful - it must have the power to undo / collapse / dissolve / reframe, the problem causing, unconsciously conditioned psychic patterns.

Your best hypnotist in Toronto - during his initial, information-gathereing-sessions - conducts intense searches for the points of power of his clients. He knows that these points do exist, and that whatever he will do in the following, working sessions of hypnosis, will be based on what he discovers during this session.  

When people speak about their problems, they always show what their unconscious points of power are - not so much by what they say, but by the way they say it. They also offer a lot of unconsciously held ideas via their body language.

It is not uncommon that a person consciously says something, while at the same time, he totally negates it by his body language. These conscious / unconscious incongruencies -  between the verbal language and the unconscious body language - point to the inner conflicts.

These conflicts must be uncovered in order to properly structure the suggestions offered during the working sessions of hypnosis.


During the initial information-gathering- session, your best hypnotist's mind functions like a sponge and a sieve at the same time.

He absorbes a lot of information, and processes it in a way that separates what is relevant to the case, from what doesn't really matter.

During this intense search for your points of power, your best hypnotist in Toronto may produce up to 20 hand-written pages of notes.

The amount of the mental energy, which he expends during the information-gathereing-session is huge, but even this is not sufficient to effectively start the first working session of hypnosis.

When you've paid for the initial information-gathering-session, you've basically "rented" a space in your best hypnotist's mind for the duration of your healing process.

Once this process has started, your best hypnotist's subconscious mind is going to work for you 24 /7. 

Your best hypnotist is going to review his detailed notes a couple of times, and highlight the most pertinent pieces of information. He makes sure that he really gets it, and then, he allows his subconscious mind to work on it 24 / 7.

He carries with himself a digital recorder and whenever his subconscious mind produces an insight regarding the course of your healing process, he immediately catches it on his recorder.

Your best hypnotist knows that the totality of the human mind is comprised from only about 5% of what is conscious, and the rest 95% remains unconscious. He knows that the real problem solving power resides in his subconscious mind, and he employs this power for your benefit, by consciously paying attention to the messages from his subconscious mind.

Your points of power, which are unraveled during the initial information-gathering-session are the doors through which you can enter into your freedom.

However, the discovery of a door is one thing, and the process of the location of the door-handle is another.

The spontaneous messages - about the process of your liberation - which your best hypnotist receives from his subconscious mind, serve as the handles with which the doors to your freedom can be opened.


Another, absolutely essential element of the effective hypnotic work, which your best hypnotist attends to during the information-gathering-session is the development of rapport between himself and his client.

This rapport is the most important element of the whole hypnotic process. Nothing can be really accomplished when the rapport between the hypnotist and his client is absent, and conversely, when the rapport is strong, sky is the limit, in terms of what the sessions can accomplish.


Because there is very little knowledge, on the part of the general public, of what constitutes an effective process of hypnosis, there are a lot of people out there, who think that the initial information-gathering- session should be offered to them free of charge.

This free-of-charge, initial-appointment-idea, has been popularized by the pseudo-practitioners of hypnosis, who attempt to seduce the naive and unaware, into entering a string of their pseudo-hypnosis sessions.

The bottom line is that, unless the initial-information-gathering session is conducted in the fashion described on this page, the hypnotic process cannot be effective, simply because it lacks the necessary ingredients of success.

Whoever offers his services in the area of hypnosis, without charging a fee for the initial information-gathering-session, cannot really deliver what he offers.

The effective information-gathering-session requires the level of engagement and expenditure of time and energy, which no REAL hypnotist can afford to give away for free. 

So basically, if you allow yourself to be seduced into any sort of the free-ride, you are going to benefit from it, exactly as much, as you've paid for it - and that means: "precious nothing".


Another important element of the effective process of hypnosis is your faith in succeeding through this process.

This element comes into play even before you enter the first information-gathering-session. 

Unfortunately, there are people out there, who don't hesitate to cripple you, in terms of your success potential, even before you start your hypnosis process.

They will offer you the so-called "satisfaction guaranteed", "money-back" free-ride. This means that if your hypnotic process is not successful, they are going to refund your payment.

On the surface, all of this sounds really nice, HOWEVER, the hidden consequences of such free-ride offers are detrimental to your hypnosis process.

Here is why:

The achievement of your goals through hypnosis depends on the mindset which you bring into the hypnosis process. 

A free-ride-offer totally destroys the mindset that is necessary for success through hypnosis. It instantly hypnotizes your subconscious mind into: "Oh, it doesn't really matter whether or not the hypnosis sessions are successful - I'm not going to lose anything in case of a failure, hence, I don't rally care about what happens".

Your best hypnotist in Toronto is not interested in serving the people who are eager to pursue the free-ride hypnosis offers, simply because, he knows that they are not really READY for success through hypnosis.

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