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An amazing case of "driveway hypnosis" - Was it self hypnosis?

How would your best hypnotist in Toronto answer the question: Do you really need a hypnotist?

Just find out where your best hypnotist in Toronto lives, park in his driveway at night, imagine that he is in your car with you, and the chances are, all of your problems are going to disappear

The following quotation comes from the book entitled My Voice Will Go With You. It is Milton H. Erickson - one of the greatest medical hypnotists of all times - speaking about one of his patients.

"One patient said to me: I'm very neurotic, but I can't talk to you or anybody else. I know you through some friends of mine who are your patients. And I haven’t got the nerve to tell you what my problem is. Now will you be my therapist?

I said, Yes, in any way I can.

She said: Well, the way I'm going to it is this. In the evening, around eleven o'clock, I'll drive over and park in your driveway and imagine you are in the car with me. Then I'll think through my problem.

She paid for two consultations. I don't know how many times she spent the night, until about 4 a.m., in my driveway working on her problem. She worked out her problem and only paid me for the first two consultations.

She told me: I'm over my problem. Now if you want me to, I'll work on experimental work with you. And I used her in time distortion experiments with hypnosis. So, in actuality, she really paid, in time services.

Sidney Rosen comments on what Erickson said in the following way:

In this case we have a literal example of Erickson's dictum: It's the patient who does the therapy. Still, this patient needed to know that Erickson was her therapist. 

She obviously could not treat herself without a therapist. Perhaps this need of another person, a therapist - if only in fantasy - confirms Martin Buber's teaching that only in relationship with other people can we be fulfilled and enabled to grow."

Your best hypnotist in Toronto may comment on the above presented case in the following way:

At the first glance the above described case seems to be a pure example of self hypnosis.

But was it really self hypnosis?


Initially, I was going to make some comments here but decided to leave this subject matter to your own interpretation.

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