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Is all hypnosis self hypnosis?

How would your best hypnotist in Toronto answer the question: Is all hypnosis self hypnosis?

Is all hypnosis self hypnosis?

Absolutely not!

Contrary to what most of the sources say, there is a huge difference between self hypnosis and hetero-hypnosis (hypnosis which a hypnotist performs on / with his client).

Whether it's self hypnosis or hetero-hypnosis its effectiveness depends solely on the POWER of INFLUENCE.

When you are influenced by a material object or a non-material / psychic form of external energy - you are influenced by something OUSIDE of YOURSELF.

Nobody would ever say that being hit by the energy of a bullet is a self inflicted injury, unless you are the one who is shooting.

Energy is energy, period!

And whether it's the energy of a material object, or the energy of the psychological influence, ENERGY is what does the job.

A hypnotic relationship is a POWER RELATIONSHIP - it has to be.

A help seeking person - obviously - doesn't have enough psychic power to alter his own psychological functioning.

And precisely, because he lacks the necessary power, he seeks someone who can deliver the power which is necessary to MOVE HIS PSYCHE OUT of ITS STUCKNESS IN A PROBLEMATIC POSITION.

The reality of the necessity of the usage of ENERGY - in order to move a person from one state of mind to another - has been beautifully described by Castaneda under the name of the SHIFT of the ASSEMBLAGE POINT.

It takes a lot of physical energy to move o heavy boulder from one position to another. It also takes a lot of psychic energy to move a person out of his problematic reality, and into the reality of freedom.

The reality of self hypnosis is a reality in which the change seeking person utilizes his own psychic energy to facilitate that change.

The reality of hetero-hypnosis is a reality in which the process of change is facilitated by combining the psychic energy resources of both the change seeking person and the hypnotist who assists in the process.

However !

Once your best hypnotist in Toronto successfully hypnotizes a help seeking person with a new, positive set of ideas, that person assumes the OWNERSHIP of these ideas. 

They begin to function in his mind as his own ideas, and in this way become the source of his self hypnosis.

In other words: Not all hypnosis is self hypnosis but eventually all hypnosis (even the hetero-hypnosis) becomes self hypnosis.

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