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Implications of the animal hypnosis

What would your best hypnotist in Toronto say about the implications of the animal hypnosis?

On the previous page of this series I said: Hypnosis works through the power of the superbly crafted, superbly influential hypnotic communications. 

The above statement is true, but to make it's truth complete I must add to it the following qualifier: Hypnotic communications must be very well formed, but their wellformedness is not going to do the job unless they are delivered with a very special kind of energy which gives the HYPNOTIC POWER to the otherwise non-effective verbalizations.

Before you read further please watch the following video presentation:

The Animal Hypnosis video, which I've invited you to watch, shows in the best way possible the ENERGY COMPONENT of all effective hypnotic communications. It shows the fact that all effective hypnosis is at it's core ENERGY HYPNOSIS.

The little girl is super effective in terms of shifting the animals into an altered state of consciousness, characterized by the temporary physical immobility. 

When humans are shifted into this kind of state through hypnosis, we say that they have attained the state of hypnotic catalepsy.

And HOW does the little girl evoke in the animals the state of hypnotic catalepsy? She speaks to them in Chinese. Obviously, the animals do not respond to what she says in Chinese. They have no way to understand her language. They could be equally well spoken to in any other language. So if they cannot respond to what is said, WHAT do they really respond to?

It is rather obvious that what they respond to is the ENERGY of what the little girl does. They respond to the ENERGY HYPNOSIS. The video shows clearly that the little girl's HYPNOTIC POWER is based solely on her unique energy and nothing else.

What else could your best hypnotist in Toronto tell you about the energy hypnosis?

Since ENERGY HYPNOSIS is the foundation of all hypnosis I want to stress it again that there is no such thing as "going for hypnosis"!

You can never go for hypnosis - you can only go for a hypnosis session / sessions performed by a unique / one of a kind hypnosis provider.

What follows is that your chosen hypnosis performer - your best hypnotist in town - will be actually your best hypnotist in town only if he is able to generate ENERGY necessary to perform the effective hypnosis.

Another thing your best hypnotist in Toronto could tell you about energy hypnosis is this:

Dr. Milton H. Erickson

One of the greatest hypnotists of all times Dr. Milton H. Erickson liked to show what hypnosis was really about by conducting the following experiment: He would write a hypnotic script, read it to one of his experimental subjects and observe his responses. 

Invariably Erickson's readings were always able to evoke strong hypnotic responses. Knowing what his readings were able to evoke in his experimental subjects, Erickson would then ask somebody else to read the same script to the person to whom he had successfully read it before. Invariably, these readings resulted in failures. They were unable to evoke the hypnotic responses in the experimental subjects.

Erickson's experiments prove that effective hypnosis is not so much about what is said during the session, but about the ENERGY carried by the hypnotic suggestions. Your best hypnotist in town must be able to generate this energy, or else, you are going to waste your time and money on your hypnosis sessions.

Another thing your best hypnotist in Toronto could tell you about energy hypnosis is this:

In one of Erickson's books - entitled Life Reframing in Hypnosis - there are fragments of his teaching sessions which used to puzzle me for many years.

What follows is one of these fragments in which Erickson says:

"In future work with you, your unconscious is going to resort to that pupillary dilation many times to let Dr. H know that your unconscious is really talking, is really listening; so that he, in watching your pupils, will recognize that he is talking to both your conscious and your unconscious mind; so that he will know that your unconscious mind has thereby invited him to say something. Now whether or not he says the right thing is not important. The mere fact that he says something, because your unconscious invited him to, tells your unconscious that he is being responsive, and therefore it can be responsive too."

The highlighted section of the above presented quotation - and especially the part highlighted in blue, tells us something that most hypnotists are totally unaware of; namely, the fact that on the most basic level of what takes place during every successful hypnosis session is NOT what the hypnotist says, but the ENERGY of his interaction / engagement with his client.

Many things can be faked in the process of providing hypnosis services but the ENERGY necessary for the really effective hypnosis can never be faked. Your subconscious mind - as the above presented quotation tells us - can never be fooled. In always unmistakably knows, whether or not, it is dealing with your actual best hypnotist in town or some "monkey business"pseudo-hypnotic operator.

Another thing your best hypnotist in Toronto could tell you about energy hypnosis is this:

I have discovered the importance of the ENERGETIC COMPONENT of the effective hypnotic sessions long time ago and have spoken about it many times with Dr. Alvin Pettle, from whom I've been fortunate to receive countless referrals over the past 20 years of our association. 

The following link will take you to what Dr. Pettle said about the quality of my services after 20 years of referring his patients to me for hypnosis:

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