Even though this church doesn’t advertise the fiery end of the world, as Harold Camping and his followers did - I must say, I find its electronic casino-like, flashing-lights billboard rather tacky and definitely out of tune with the solemnity of Christ’s message. I also believe that, the frequency of the religious messages flashing on the above pictured electronic billboard, definitely adds to our children’s steadily growing deficit of attention.

I used the above image on this page because it presents a religiously oriented billboard, which besides the exhibition of the church’s officials poor taste does not do much harm to anyone.

The image serves only as an introduction to the following story about Harold-Camping-engendered, religiously-based mass hypnosis.

Harold Camping and his followers spent millions of dollars worldwide on billboards, advertising the end of the world on May 21st 2011. Those billboards and the message they proclaimed did cause a lot of harm in the lives of those who fell for Camping’s religiously-based mass hypnosis.

I am going to say a few words about Harold Camping and his followers later on this page, but before I get there, I would like to present a single person’s case of uncontrollable anxiety, engendered by the hypnotic power of religiously-oriented written word.

This page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website is devoted in part to the description of the case of severe, uncontrollable anxiety experienced by Andrea - a client of my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinicwho contacted me over-the-phone from her home in Vancouver on the 10th of June 2011.

After the description of Andrea’s case of religiously-engendered uncontrollable anxiety, I will discuss the case of Harold-Camping-engendered religiously-based mass hypnosis.

Both stories - that of Andrea, and Harold Camping and his followers are presented here together because, a common thread of powerful, negative religious hypnotic influence runs through them, and because, they can serve as a warning to all those who find themselves susceptible to hypnotic, religious brain wash in some form of its devilish manifestation.

During our first over-the-phone information gathering session, Andrea presented me with a story of 35 years of fear and uncontrollable anxiety.

She is now 65 years old, and her first bout of uncontrollable anxiety happened when she was 30.

Since that time she’s been through 3 more bouts of high level anxiety, scattered over the period of the past 35 years.

Each of Andrea’s anxiety episodes lasted for about a year, with the exception of the last one, which has kept her in its incapacitating grip for the past 3 years, and with respect to which she has contacted my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic. 

Andrea told me that, during the past 35 years, the time between her acute, uncontrollable anxiety episodes, was marked with very low level of fear and anxiety.

She has also told me that, her first episode of uncontrollable anxiety was biblically and religiously engendered.

At the age of 30 Andrea joined the local church and started reading the Bible.

What she happened to come across in the Bible during her initial readings was a passage about “being dragged through fire in order to prove your faith true”.

She wasn’t able to give me the exact passage, and what I put in the quotation mark above, is what she reported the passage to be like.

The biblical passage about being “dragged through fire” scarred the living daylights out of her, and in addition to being hypnotically influenced by it, she got hypno-religiously hit from another angle - thanks to the “well meaning” church congregation members.

Some of the local church goers gave her religious books to read - books, which spread in front of her very sensitive mind a vision of a fiery, horrible and terrifying end of the world.

Both, the Bible, and the religious horror spreading books, created in Andrea’s highly susceptible to influence mind a state of uncontrollable anxiety, which lasted for about a year.

She stopped reading the Bible, stopped going to church, her uncontrollable anxiety subsided, and she thought that all was going to be well with her.

Little she knew that, what she ingested from the Bible and the mind polluting, fear and anxiety stimulating religious literature, was just a trigger for her subsequent 35 years of on-and-off runs of uncontrollable anxiety.

Her subsequent bouts of uncontrollable anxiety were stimulated by images of death, engendered by many - perhaps too many - funerals of her friends and family members, which she attended.

Her last - the preset one - bout of uncontrollable anxiety lasting for about 3 years, has kept her in a grip of a terrible fear of death.

I’ve just started working with Andrea - long-distance, over-the-phone - and what she reported to me today was quite amazing!

She told me that, during the past few days she was able to read the Bible, first time in years.

When I heard this I knew that her recovery prognosis were excellent.

I’ve encouraged her to read more, and particularly those passages which have the power to undo what some other passages created in her mind long time ago.

I do believe that the Bible can be both a terrible fear inducing medium, and a healing word of God.

It all depends how our minds interpret what we read.

It seams that, what happened to Andrea 35 years ago, originated in her anxiety-stimulating interpretation of one of the biblical passages.

And the well meaning, local church goers - via the books they gave her - added the horror filled visions to her already compromised mental position.

From my professional perspective, what happened to Andrea - what set her up for a life-time of fear and anxiety - was the negative hypnotic influence of biblical verses and other religious texts.

What happened to her happens in one form or another to tens of thousands of people world-wide every day.

Make sure you are not going to end up being one of them.

Make sure you protect your mind from all forms of negative hypnosis, which does exert its influence upon your mind daily, and most of which humans do absorb day in and day out, from the news media.

I don’t watch TV any more.

I don't have TV in my house. 

I cannot take it.

I find it extremely poisonous to my mind - extremely hypnotically poisonous.

I do watch a lot of movies.

I go to a theater and watch good movies - the best positive hypnosis I can find.

This page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website was inspired not only by the Andrea’s story, but also by the connection, which my mind made between her story and the recently publicized story of a religiously insane prophet of doom - Harold Camping.

When I first saw the story of Harold Camping in the media, I could believe neither my eyes nor my ears!

I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing, not because of Camping’s insane religious predictions.

Camping-like, RELIGIOUS DELUSIONARIES, come and go throughout the history.

What I could not believe was how many seemingly normal people, he managed to hypnotize via his obvious religiously-based mesmeric skills. 

As a result of Camping’s false prophecies, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people ate their last meals, said their goodbyes to their relatives and friends, and waited for the world to end on May 21st, 2011.

Camping’s Family Radio International programming message, had been hypnotizing people worldwide for a long time, to believe in the world’s end on May 21st, 2011. 

And oh! Lord... Thousands ended up believing!!!

The religiously insane Harold Camping had already proven his insanity when he predicted the world’s end in 1994.

In spite of his dangerous - for publicly acted upon delusions - he managed to keep some of his old, and attract more new followers.

How brain washed you must be, to empty your bank account, quit on enrolling into college, sell all of your property and give your money away, because the world is going to end?

How insane you must be to follow an 89 year old, religiously delusional man, and keep on helping him run his multimillion-dollar, worldwide religious empire designed to spread the message of doom?

The stunt which the California preacher, Harold Camping was able to pull on thousands of brain-washable people is absolutely amazing!

It is the par-excellence example of mass hypnosis!

And you know what?

Camping established a new date for the world’s end - this time it will happen for sure - he says.

The date is October 21st 2011.

Believe it or not - there are those who still follow this man.

It boggles my mind that there are still those who believe in the validity of his third end-of-the-world prediction.

They may be your neighbors - doesn’t this scare the s..t out of you?

I must confess that, what Harold Camping was able to establish in the washable minds of thousands of people, almost induces in my own mind a state of uncontrollable anxiety.

This uncontrollable anxiety results from my awakening to the reality of impossibility of trusting the sanity of those around me.

It results from my awakening to the reality of the insane world I live in.

It makes me feel like running - running like Forrest Gump... 

And if you haven’t watched the Forrest Gump movie - watch it.

It will add to your education about human insanity, and possibly protect you from your own insanity development potential.

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