The first success story of mine, which I present to you below, is the story told by my own daughter.

It shows that hypnosis has played in my life a much greater role than just a way of making a living.

What my girls says in her story shows that
hypnosis has been my way of life.

What I have been able to accomplish in the life of my daughter, together with other influential people in her life, is an example of an informal hypnosis - hypnosis, which for better of worse always happens to you
on the stage of your life.

I simply took charge of the unavoidable hypnotic process - via which hypnotic influences shape human lives - into my own hands.

I could do this because I knew how.


... Not to have fear to reach my goals was the main life lesson my father has taught me, and it truly does affect my actions every single day.

This confidence doesn’t only carry out in aspects of my social life, where I am usually the most talkative and outgoing person of the party, but it also follows me in my career where I am an aspiring (still a student!) designer...

... I have a set goal in my life; I’d like to, one day (relatively soon, too) open my own design studio or ad agency and work for big companies, earning a name for myself in the books and industry, and I truly believe that this is a very, very tangible and realistic goal.

I know where I want to be, I know what I have to do to get there, I know that it is in my power to get myself there, and I have all the confidence in the world that nothing can stop me.

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at the University of Toronto

A month ago, on January 30th, 2014, I delivered a lecture on hypnosis at the University of Toronto. My lecture which was delivered to the class of the post-graduate students (Ph.D. candidates), was entitled: Hypnotic methods of building confidence in youth.

Due to the strict regulations which prohibit the commercial / marketing usage of guest-lecturing at the University of Toronto, I cannot give any more details about my audience, and the professor who invited me to teach his class.

What I can say is that my lecture - judging by my own standards - was well received, and that it stimulated my thinking about the possibility of introducing a gradual shift into my work in the area of hypnosis.

The shift which I am considering would be from providing individual hypnosis services, to teaching hypnosis to the health professionals, and the interested members of the general public.

I don’t want to stop offering individual hypnosis sessions. What I’m thinking about is adding the teaching dimension to my already well established Toronto Hypnosis Clinic services. 

I’m including this note under the banner of the Success Stories of mine because it really is a bid deal to be invited as a guest lecturer at the university level, and specifically at the level of teaching the post-graduate students.

Being invited as a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto speaks for itself and there is no need for me to elaborate any further on the obvious implications of such engagement.

I am available for further speaking / lecturing engagements and will provide references upon request.

Other Success Stories

“I had this fear of rejection ...”

“I phoned the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic because, I couldn’t afford to experience this terrible fear of rejection, which used to dramatically lower my effectiveness in the area of direct sales business, in which I was desperately trying to succeed. 

During the course of my work with Dr. Walter Orlowski, I discovered that I could learn to give a totally different meaning to things which used to overwhelm and paralyze me in the past. 

The freedom which this newly found ability brought into my life is truly exhilarating. 

During to process of overcoming my fear of rejection, in addition to the hypnosis sessions with Dr. Orlowski, I used a Custom Hypnosis CD, which he designed specifically for me in order to help me conquer my problem.” J.M.

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"I was terrified of highway driving ..."

I had been driving for quite sometime but was still experiencing fear of highway driving. My fear of highway driving was so strong that, I couldn’t even manage to go out on the highway. Dr. Walter Orlowski told me he would go out with me into the environment where my fear was – the highway. But, first, he was able to reduce that fear of highway driving, by making my goal seem less onerous – we would go out on a smaller highways – take it in smaller pieces. We only had a few trips out and he said I didn't need him anymore. I was there.” P.H.

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"I wasn’t making any progress ..."

“My business had been stagnating for a painfully long time. I needed a creative breakthrough. Dr. Orlowski told me that creative breakthroughs usually do come when we give up all our anxious striving. He told me that the best course of action was to learn how to let go of my attempts to figure out the solution. My excitement was boundless when one late afternoon the long awaited solution spontaneously popped into my mind, exactly as I was told.

During the process of turning on my lost creativity I used a Custom Hypnosis MP3 recording, which Dr. Orlowski designed just for me, to help me overcome my creativity blockage." M.F.

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"After the first session, I could hardly smoke again"

“When I asked Dr. Walter Orlowski if he could do some magic and terminate my smoking habit for me, he helped me to realize how much inner strength I already had, and how I used it successfully in other areas of my life. The task of quitting cigarettes, as I now understand, was about using what I already had to achieve what I wanted to have in the future. After the first session I could hardly smoke again.” M.W.

"I was so stressed-out; I needed to relax ..."

“I told Dr. Orlowski, I was a very busy accountant, I was stressed out, I needed to relax. He explained that I didn’t necessarily have to change what I did, if I could only learn how to do it in a different frame of mind and practice relaxation regularly on a daily basis. My training with Walter took several sessions. The change, which I experienced in my ability to handle what previously seemed to be so stressful and overwhelming, was amazing.” A.S.

“I was afraid of becoming an alcoholic ...”

“When I phoned the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, I presented Dr. Walter Orlowski with a very precise request. I asked him to help me to have only two glasses of wine with my dinner, and not a whole bottle, which I used to indulge in. The evening following my first session of hypnosis brought a great surprise. I found myself drinking only two glasses of wine and no more. The former desire to indulge in a whole bottle was gone.” A.K.

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“I was so heartbroken ...”

“I was so heartbroken. After the initial interview session, Dr. Orlowski told me that, most likely, my deep sadness, loneliness and general inability to cope would dissolve after a few sessions. He was right. From session to session, I was gradually improving as Walter talked to me and worked on my depressed psyche energetically. My feelings have changed. My thoughts have changed. It feels as if I have awakened from an unpleasant dream.” F.M.

"I couldn’t get over this inner blockage ..."

“From time to time, on and off, I was experiencing something that I could only call ‘inner collapses’. It felt as if some strange, indescribable force within my psyche was not allowing me to really take off in life and succeed. After working with Dr. Orlowski, I still experience periodic “downs” but I can handle them like never before. It’s like handling bad weather: I can’t stop it from coming but it does not bother me anymore.” N.P.

"I needed the confidence to change my life ..."

"I highly recommend Dr. Orlowski's hypnosis sessions and Custom Hypnosis CDs.

I went to Walter Orlowski to have the confidence to make a career change – I got that and so much more! I got clarity on a new direction and have started a certification program in this new arena. 

With his help, I was able to have great success with a very busy and complex project. I was able to be more hands off and allow others the chance to flourish around me. My relationship with my manager moved to a whole new level. 

In my presentations, I was able to get myself out of the way and present more effectively than ever before. In addition to this, I have had much personal growth. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Orlowski – my life has taken off.” 


"It all happened as I CHING predicted"

In the year 2010, I was faced with a serious dilemma.

The dilemma was in conflicting statements made about my medical condition by different doctors.

Obviously, my preference was to heal naturally, without resorting to any invasive measures.

I had to make a decision and asked Walter Orlowski for help.

His I CHING inquiry and the answer we got pointed towards the possibility of healing my condition without medical intervention.

It all happened as I CHING predicted.

I’ve been always aware of the phenomenon of synchronicity in my own life, but it was Walter who showed me its so incredibly practical application.

Amelia Salo


Social Anxiety Undone

"Social anxiety used to be a constant presence in my life. As if hypnotized into my anxious patterns of behavior, ever since I was a little girl, I shied away from people.

As I became older, this shyness grew into social anxiety feelings, which would cause me to avoid people for fear of showing my symptoms.

My symptoms would usually include trembling, a shaky and uneasy voice, forgetfulness, sweating and a racy heartbeat, overly tensed muscles, and faintness.

I was referred to Dr. Walter Orlowski, by a family member who gave me an ad with the Toronto Anxiety Clinic phone number.

With the help of Dr. Orlowski, I came to the point that, when a stranger began talking to me in public, instead of seeming disinterested in order to avoid conversation, I would actually carry on the conversation!

With every stranger I talked to, it was worth it, and had left me feeling uplifted and satisfied with myself...."


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Unexplainable Anxiety Undone

"When I came to see Dr. Walter Orlowski, at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, I suffered from unexplainable anxiety. 

My symptoms included nervousness, tremendous muscular tension accompanied by sensation of heat all over my body, excessive sweating, and involuntary shaking of hands during certain social situations. 

Dr. Orlowski told me that, my subconscious mind knew everything about me, including the source of all the above mentioned anxiety symptoms. 

The decision was made to ask my subconscious mind to reveal the source of my anxiety. 

I was regressed back in time in search for the roots of my unexplainable anxiety. 

We discovered that my problems were rooted in the untimely death of my twin sister who drowned at the age of three. 

After becoming aware of the source of my anxiety, I was able to process my unresolved emotions connected to that tragic event. 

I felt as if a tremendous load was taken off my shoulders. 

I also felt drained and tired from all this work, at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, but most of all, I felt free! 

A feeling of liberation and expansion pervaded my mind and body. 

I knew, my unexplainable anxiety was gone."

Nicole F.

Fear of Public Speaking

"I had to make a presentation before a group of doctors, nurses and other medical employees of a large hospital – something I was terribly afraid of doing.

A mere thought of what I had to do was enough to send waves of fear of public speaking through my mind and my body.

I phoned the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic and asked for help.

When the time of the actual event came, I was ready to go through it without fear of public speaking."

Jane Brown

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Stomach Aches Undone

"I phoned Dr. Walter Orlowski, seeking help with my stomach aches. I developed this psychosomatic condition after going through very intense business related negotiations.

Dr. Orlowski created a Custom Self Hypnosis CD for me. I've listened to it daily for a couple of weeks, and all my stomach aches went away."

Ian Falkenberg

Stuttering Problem Undone

Jacob (aged 12) was brought to me by his mother due to his stuttering problem. After the initial interview, I worked with him on the energy level, using a moderate amount of hypno-effective suggestions, without using the so-called hypnotic trance.

Here is what he said after the first working session: 

"I felt very light, my feeling of tiredness disappeared. I understood many things and the presentations in front of my class were not stressful anymore."

A few weeks later, Jacob's mother called me and said: 

"Today, Jacob had a big presentation in front of his class. His speech was perfect."

Custom Made Relaxation Audio Recording

“The relaxation inducing Custom Self Hypnosis recording, which Dr. Orlowski created for me, was very helpful and resonated with me so well that I have listened to it daily over and over again. 

It was a high quality tape, but I’ve listened to it so often that eventually the cassette wore out."

David R. McMunn; Chartered Accountant.

Turning My Business Around

"I've been an active real estate broker since 1983. I have had some fantastic years but lately I seem to have hit a wall. Dr. Walter Orlowski has been instrumental in turning my business around and all it took was a minor adjustment.

I recommend Dr. Orlowski's hypnosis sessions and his Custom Self Hypnosis CDs to real estate agents and business owners, who are interested in taking their business to the next level.

If you want to increase your sales by 20% or 200% or if you simply want to maintain your current production but want to have more free time for yourself, call Dr. Orlowski today and book a confidential appointment."

Nelson Lopes, Broker, Re/MaxWest Realty Inc. Brokerage

Nelson Lopes wrote the above presented testimonial 5 years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting him again recently and asked him how he was doing since our last meeting several years ago. What I got from Nelson was not only his verbal answer. He was so happy about the way his business was going that he offered to give me a follow up recommendation letter.

Undoing Self Sabotage

In January 2011 I got a call from a lawyer.

He was asking me about my hypnosis services because he needed help with putting some structure into his life.

Little did I know - at the time of our phone conversation - how absolutely business-disabling his problem was.

Only after our initial interview session it became clear to me what kind of challenge I entered and what would be required to correct his business-disabling pattern of behavior.

Our hypnotic work was very successful and I asked him for his testimonial.

His response was not unexpected.

Here is what he said in his email:

”Thank you for all the help you've provided to me over the last month.

I think it would be a good time for me to try continuing to maintain my schedule without you calling me... Somewhat like removing the training wheels from a bicycle. 

This would allow me to prove to myself that I can maintain my new behavior without external help. If I fail miserably, I may at that time consider retaining your services once again so that I can get back on track.

I would be more than willing to allow you to draft a testimonial for my review that you may use it for marketing purposes. However, due to the public nature of my work, I would not be able to allow the use of my name (other than first and last initials) or the use of a photograph. 

The first thing people do these days when considering using a lawyer is search for information about the lawyer on the internet. Since people are hoping to find the "best" lawyer they can for their given budget, I believe that for most people the idea of a lawyer getting psychological counseling or even "success" counseling works against the desired perception of the lawyer being the "best" lawyer. I hope you can appreciate my predicament with regards to this.

I sincerely do appreciate all the help you've provided me and am thankful that we have had the opportunity to have gotten to know each other.

I am expecting that we will be keeping in touch from time to time throughout the future to see how we are doing.

All the best,

A. A.”

Hypnotherapy - Thank You Letter

She couldn’t show her face
She couldn’t disclose her name
But she COULD write and here is her letter

Dear Dr. Orlowski,

I don’t know how to write a “thank you letter”.
The ones I’ve seen are thanking for the provision of goods and services. 

But I can’t think of your approach to hypnotherapy as “a service”; rather what you do is parting wisdom and guiding one to embrace life as a journey to the unknown but ultimate. I think of our sessions as mysterious but healing moments steered by that ultimate.

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What The Referring Doctors Say

Over the years I've developed many strong, referrals-generating relationships with medical, naturopathic and homeopathic doctors.

These doctors keep referring their patients to me, simply because, they know the value of what I offer.

If you want to take a look at what some of them say about me, please visit the page entitled: Walter Orlowski - References

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