The sparrows in front of the Louvre in Paris are fearless. Somehow, they were able to set themselves free.

Free-to-play their game of life. 

This page deals with the subject of healing anxiety.

It shows how my Hypnosis for Anxiety Services - performed at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic - do work for others and how they can work for you.

Bart (aged 31 years) came to the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic in April of 2011 and asked for hypnosis for anxiety.

What follows is his story, which includes the list of his anxiety-related complaints.

I present his case here using his own words.

“I experienced anxiety feelings for the first time when my wife took me to the church about a year ago.

At that time, out of nowhere, I experienced a panic attack. My heart was racing ...

I started heaving health-related fears.

My second major attack of anxiety happened also out of nowhere in a grocery store.

My health-related fears escalated to the point, at which I quit smoking out of fear of premature death.

I used to smoke pack and a half a day since I was sixteen.

I became afraid of driving during the night.

I used to work as a truck driver, doing very early morning deliveries, and my fear of driving became so bad that I had to quit my job.

While driving at night, I feared that something would happen, and nobody would find me to help me during some emergency situations.

Whenever I am alone at home, persistent, negative, anxiety-filled thoughts enter my mind.

My anxiety-filled obsessive thoughts are telling me that I have a heart problem, that I will die of cancer.

There are also thoughts in my mind telling me that I will die early, much before my “natural” time.

I am also plagued by anxiety-related obsessive behaviors.

I feel compelled to check and recheck locking the door, turning the stove off ... I check and recheck everything repeatedly before leaving my house.”

I usually ask my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic clients about their childhood. What follows is what Bart said about his childhood experiences:

“I was a very sensitive child.

I was very naive and easily believed everything.

My father was a tyrant who used to force me into many things against my will.

He would force me to eat, and used to beat me whenever I tried to oppose him.

When my father noticed that I was afraid of something, he would force me into that fear to “cure” me.

For example, when he realized that I was afraid of darkness, he locked me up in a closet and was going to keep me there, until my fear of darkness was gone.

There was a time in my life when I used to terribly fear my father.”

What I quoted above is what Bart had said during his information-gathering-session at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Regardless of the case, each client of the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic who comes for hypnosis for anxiety goes first through the information gathering session.

Based on the information gathered from Bart I decided to help him heal his anxiety via trance-based hypnosis for anxiety.

I have not done any “energy work” with Bart, and want to show - using his case - that my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic services are in no way stuck in any preconceived therapy rut (I've been successfully helping my clients who come for hypnosis for anxiety overcome their anxiety via the usage of a mixture of hypnosis and an energy work - my Hypno-energetic method).

Even though I do write a lot about my energy-based approach to healing anxiety, my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic services are totally flexible and capable of addressing all kinds of individual needs of my clients.

I cannot tell you why I decided to use with Bart simple trance-based hypnosis for anxiety approach instead of hypno-energetic work aimed at the dissolution of anxiety on the energetic level of its existence.

After more than two decades of working with anxiety, my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic services are largely driven by my intuition, in terms of the method of choice in each particular case.

When Bart came to the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic for his third session, (second working session of hypnosis for anxiety) he offered the following report:

“During the week after our first session of I felt much better.

My last week was almost totally free from anxiety!

I must say that I approached our first session of with a significant degree of “distance”.

I was simply afraid of hypnosis.

When you started speaking to me in hypnosis I felt POWER.

I felt POWER ... As if that POWER wanted to enter me to perform some work on me, and initially I was afraid.

Later during the session, I calmed down, and what you were saying to me was influencing me in a powerful way.

Your words were reaching me with great POWER.

During all our sessions, I felt some strange unfamiliar POWER.

As if this POWER wanted to do something with me.

I wasn’t asleep.

I was aware that, at any moment I could just stand up and walk away if I only wanted to do so.”

My total number of hypnosis for anxiety sessions with Bart was four.

What follows is what Bart said after his third hypnosis for anxiety session at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic.

“I can say that my last week was normal.

I did experience a very short spike of anxiety, but was able to get rid of it, simply utilizing my new - anxiety dissolving - way of thinking.

This new - liberating me from anxiety - way of thinking was not available to me before I came to you.

I consider this new anxiety-dissolving way of thinking as my most important gain, resulting from our sessions.

I was greatly helped through our sessions.

I don’t have to walk around with my nerve calming pills anymore ...”

What Bart’s anxiety-healing-story shows is that he was greatly helped by just a few sessions of hypnosis for anxiety, which he received at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Bart, knowing that our work at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic had a very powerful, anxiety-healing-effect on him, has not come again, asking for more hypnosis for anxiety sessions.

This means that what we have achieved, in terms of healing his anxiety at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic has been a permanent alteration of his former, anxiety-ridden life.

In closing of this page, I want to say that, what Bart and I have achieved via our personal contact - can be also attained via the usage of my anxiety-healing, custom-designed, hypnosis for anxiety audio-recordings.

My custom-designed, anxiety-healing, hypnosis for anxiety audio recordings are available to all of my local, and long-distance clients worldwide.

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