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Essential audio messages

Hypnosis has a great power

Self hypnosis is not optional!

You can count on hypnosis
it happens all the time

My hypnotherapy and counseling services are supported by the following pillars of truth

Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic
pillar of truth #1

You have two minds.

You have your conscious mind
and your subconscious mind.

Over the course of your life
you have acquired various, negative
subconscious mind conditionings. 

These conditionings must be undone,
or else, nothing will ever change
in your life.

Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic
pillar of truth #2

As long as your conscious mind is in conflict with your subconscious mind ...

... it will be very difficult for you
to move on in your life.

Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic
pillar of truth #3

What happens when you consciously
try to conquer your subconscious mind?

You may be able to override it
for a limited time, but eventually,
the recoil of your temporarily bent
subconscious mind always wins!

Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic
pillar of truth #4

You must take care
of your subconscious mind ...

... because, as the scientific research shows, your conscious awareness is very limited.

It does not represent
the dominant force in your life.

Vast tracts of your life are governed
by your subconscious mind.

They operate totally outside
of your conscious awareness
and your conscious will effort!

This means that,
for the most part,
you operate on an automatic pilot.

And it is rather obvious that,
you want that automatic pilot
to take you where you want to go,
rather than, drive you
into repeated failures
and problems in life.

Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic
pillar of truth #5

Your negative
subconscious conditionings
are like rigid, unyielding cubes of ice.

And just as the cubes of ice can’t melt without being exposed to heat - your negative subconscious conditionings can’t dissolve themselves without some form of external intervention.

The good news is that, it is enough to apply to the “ice cubes” of your negative subconscious conditionings a gentle “heat” of the properly energized hypnotic intervention, and their rigid structures will melt right in front of your own eyes.

An important fact to understand is that a hypnotic intervention is a psychological intervention which is deeply penetrating and lasting.

What follows is that any effective psychological work - by necessity - must be hypnotic.

In my practice, the deep, subconscious-mind-reaching and lasting hypnotic interventions are achieved via both, the clasical trance-hypnosis, and couseling which works like hypnosis without a trance.

A couple of inspirational messages

Conquer your fear,
dissolve your anxiety...

...and you shall never hunger
for anything in your life.

On one side of your gate to freedom, your life is bound by many limitations.

On the other side your freedom is waiting - will you ever enter?

My definition of hypnosis

My magnetic man story

In the context of my work at the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic I define hypnosis as the art of alternative reality manifestation.

My clients "bring" to my office the troublesome realities of their lives, and I help them enter alternative realities to those which are causing them trouble.

Walter Orlowski
Hypnotherapy Services

understood as ...

... the art of alternative reality manifestation.

Psychic Detox Services

Business Performance
Self Hypnosis for
sales agents and
business owners

You need Business Performance
Self Hypnosis
because you can't afford
to function in a state of conflict
between your conscious
and your subconscious mind.

You need Business Performance Self Hypnosis because your subconscious mind is blocking, stopping, and collapsing you.

At the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic I can help you achieve harmony between your conscious and your subconscious mind.

When your subconscious mind agrees with your conscious mind - your conscious dreams come true. You become unstoppable in what you do and meet with success in all areas of your life.

Your present problem exists only because you cannot consciously correct something that blocks your business performance. If you could consciously decide to not have your present problem - there would be no problem in your life.

Obviously, you cannot consciously decide to not have your present problem because it originates in your subconscious mind.

You need Business Performance Self Hypnosis because it can correct your problem on the subconscious level of its existence.

I can help you get rid of whatever stops, blocks, or collapses your business performance, through my super effective, business-performance-oriented, custom designed MP3 recordings.

Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic
Custom-Designed, Self Hypnosis
MP3 Recordings

My Self Hypnosis Custom-Designed MP3 Recordings provide hypnotic solutions for the people who prefer such form of the hypnotic intervention over the in-person, one-on-one hypnosis sessions.

They are also used by all those who cannot come to the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic for a variety of reasons.

My Custom Designed Self Hypnosis MP3s have been used by the hypnotic-help-seeking people all over the world.

Some of my clients use them in conjunction with their hypnosis sessions.

Individual counseling sessions

Individual Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis Training

High quality Individual Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis Training
is now available at the
Walter Orlowski 
Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Let my 30 years of experience
work for you, and for
all those with whom
your will work in the future.

A few slogans which you will frequently encounter throughout this website

You never really go
just for hypnosis

Hypnosis is totally operator dependent.
You never go just for hypnosis
- as you never go just for singing of the songs -
only for a particular performer.

If hypnosis didn't work for you before,
it was only because your hypnotist
could not connect with you
in the way that is required for hypnosis.
You must find a hypnotist who can enter into a state of rapport with you or else, you will be wasting your money and time.

And stay away from money-back-guarantee hypnosis offers. Money-back-guarantee hypnosis offers are made NOT in your best interest. Such offers can totally disable your hypnotic potential.

A money-back-guarantee offer hypnotizes your subconscious mind into "I don't really care if I succeed" attitude. And when your subconscious mind thinks these thoughts - guess, what the outcome will most likely be.

End your "I can't"!

Isn’t it true that your whole life can be divided into what you can, and cannot do?

Are you interested in extending your range of ability?

Contact the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic today and start working towards the liberation of your actual potential!

There is nothing more sad than a life that could have been a life of health, joy and prosperity, but never flowered into its actual potential, due to the neglect of taking simple steps towards the mind liberation.

I can help you take these steps, and as you take them your whole life will change for the better in ways that you can’t even presently imagine.

Unhypnotize your mind!

Have you ever seen the behavior of the hypnotized people during a stage hypnosis show? I’m sure you have...

Through my Toronto hypnotherapy practice I teach that, what happens on the "stage of your life" is no different.

You simply follow the patterns of thought, emotion and behavior into which you’ve been "hypnotized" via the influence of the people and situations.

Yes, like everybody else, you too, have been forced to play out on the stage of your life, the negative script into which you’ve been subconsciously conditioned.

Most of your negative life-hypnosis happened to you when your were young.

You were told negative things about yourself and believed in them. You also went through the situations which formed your ideas about the world and what you could and could not do.

Perhaps you are even aware of how you’ve ended up hypnotized into fear, anxiety, anger, depression, self-depreciation or self-sabotage.

And yet, the power of your life-hypnosis is such that, your conscious knowledge about how it all happened does not help you much.

My practice is based on the fact that, whatever your own self-hypnotic script tells you to do, you are forced to act out.

You are like an actor who - even though he doesn’t like the role he is playing - cannot stop acting it out.

Would you like to step off the stage and end your destructive self-hypnotic act?

Would you like to start living from your real - free from the negative subconscious conditionings - self?

Through my hypnotherapy services I can help you achieve just that!

My Toronto hypnotherapy practice has taught me long time ago that most people need to be UNHYPNOTIZED from their negative subconscious conditionings, rather than hypnotized into some new ways of thinking and behaving.

Most likely you don’t need to be hypnotized into anything.

Most likely your only problem is that, you have been negatively hypnotized for too long into anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, lack of confidence, inability to take action, smoking, drinking, or any other pattern of the subconsciously conditioned negativity.

And the fact is that, unless you UNHYPNOTIZE yourself, nothing will ever change in your life.

Obviously, the principles of HYPNOTIZING and UNHYPNOTIZING are exactly the same, and follow the same, common laws of hypnosis.

Walter Orlowski
Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic
most basic principle of operation

All of the mind liberation services which I offer through my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice are based on only one universal principle of operation.


Whatever your present state of mind or body is - the universal flexibility of reality assures that - your state is subject to change.

Regardless of what kind of mind liberating approach will be used in your particular case, I will essentially offer you always only one universal solution.

This solution is an ALTERNATIVE REALITYto the one which is causing you trouble.

Frequently, when I explain this most basic principle of my Toronto hypnotherapy practice, I use as an illustration, the amazing phenomenon of firewalking.

Everybody is familiar with the common reality of the fire that burns things, including human flesh, but not everyone is familiar with the alternative reality of the non-burning fire.

Even though thousands of people have successfully walked on fire, the alternative reality of the non-burning fire is still outside of the realm of the common human experience.

Through my Toronto hypnotherapy practice I teach that, what the human mind is capable of accomplishing in terms of switching the hard physical reality of the fire that burns, to the alternative reality of the fire that doesn’t burn - the human mind can also accomplish with any other seemingly hard and unalterable reality.

How about switching off the reality of anxiety, fear or depression? Would these realities be any more difficult to alter than the reality of the fire that burns human flesh?

Well... It all depends on your readiness for change.

A fire-master always tells his students that they can successfully walk through the fire only when they feel an authentic inner readiness to do so.

I say the same thing to those who ask me for help. I tell them that I can help them through my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic services only if they are ready to be helped.

The reality of the human change is such that nobody will be able to help you until you are ready for change.

The other - stronger - way of saying the same thing is to say that nobody will be able to help you as long as you are afraid of change.

What I have learned from my hypnosis practice is that, at the bottom of every human problem there is fear and anxiety - and nothing but fear and anxiety.

The only difference between fear and anxiety is that, when you experience fear you know what it is that you fear, and when you experience anxiety the source of your fear remains unknown.

It may not be obvious to you that all of your perceived problems can be ultimately reduced to fear or anxiety, but if you really think about it, the fact that everything what you perceive as a problem is rooted in fear and anxiety will become clear to you.

If there is no fear in you - you cannot suffer. Suffering always originates only from fear that what hurts you now will still hurt you in the future - regardless of whether this future is only a minute, or a year away.

Most of the people whom I was able to help through my Toronto hypnotherapy practice were initially not aware that their suffering was rooted in fear and anxiety.

They thought, they suffered from depressions, relationship issues, anger, lack of confidence and motivation, and many other mind-related problems.

To those who were depressed I was able to show that, they couldn't be depressed unless they feared that they couldn't move ahead in their lives.

They were able to see that their depression was rooted in fear of not being able to overcome what they had to overcome - in fear of becoming a permanent failure in life.

Those who come to the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic to overcome their anger rarely realize that fear and anxiety is what keeps their angry reactions in place.

You get angry only because you experience a strong feeling of disagreement with what arises in the reality of your life.

Your disagreement, in turn, arises only because you fear that if the disagreeable - to you - situation persists, something that is psychologically painful to you will happen.

To those who come to the Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic to overcome their lack of confidence, I don’t have to show that what they suffer from is rooted in fear and anxiety. It is self-evident to them that their lack of confidence is synonymous with fear and anxiety.

My Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic most basic principle of operation - that of the universal flexibility of reality - assures that, regardless of what you suffer from, the fear or anxiety which underlies your condition can be undone in many ways.

One of the ways of undoing fear or anxiety is to turn it into a challenge that is necessary to assure that you keep on evolving in your life.

In many cases my Toronto hypnotherapy practice has proven to be highly successful because I was able to help the people USE their fear and anxiety creatively rather than destructively.

I was able to show them that, if they wanted to enter a higher level of consciousness and become psychologically stronger in life - their psyche would have to work out its psychic muscles through the process of working through some form of psychic resistance.

I was able to show them that, in the realm of the mental, the same laws of development of strength do apply, as in the realm of the physical reality of their bodies.

Just as a physical muscle must work through some form of resistance in order to develop its strength, your "psychic muscles" also need resistance for their growth and development.

Your fear or anxiety can be creatively approached and perceived as something beneficial and even necessary to further your evolution of consciousness.

Walter Orlowski
Toronto hypnotherapy practice history

My informal hypnosis practice started in 1986. It was the year in which I began working as a registered respiratory therapist at the St. Joseph's Health Center - a large community hospital in Toronto.

Working mainly in the intensive care unit and the coronary care unit, I had the first hand exposure to a great variety of critical health conditions. Very fast I realized that hypnosis in the form of self hypnosis was mightily at work amongst my patients.

My whole hypnotherapy practice is largely based on these early realizations. What I saw at the hospital was that, some of the not-so-critically ill patients were dying, while some of the very critically ill patients were surviving. The difference seemed to be only in their attitude.

The patients who lived against all odds, used different words, different phrases from those who in spite of their much better prognoses failed to overcome their conditions. What the survivors were saying to themselves and to the others worked miracles in the form of spontaneous, informal self hypnosis.

My Toronto hypnotherapy practice started - in an informal way - when after noticing what was happening with my patients, I began offering them good health and fast recovery verbal suggestions.

My suggestions seemed to make a difference, and encouraged by the results, I had embarked on the long years of study of the subject of clinical hypnosis.

I must admit, there was also another motive behind my drive to explore and learn all I could about hypnosis. I simply needed to overcome my own misbehaving mind.

At the time when I started learning about hypnosis, the Toronto hypnotherapy training offers were non-existent. In fact, the hypnosis practice was still limited - by some outdated bylaw - to the medical doctors and psychologists.

I established relationships with some of the Toronto hypnotherapy practitioners - mainly medical doctors - and kept on learning, reading mostly from the vast body of information published by Dr. Milton H. Erickson.

Toward the end of the year 1990, after 5 years of the intense study and my hospital-based, informal and secret practice, I officially opened my Toronto hypnotherapy practice.

In 1996 I left the hospital, and enrolled into a full-time Homeopathic Medicine program at the Homeopathic College of Canada and graduated as a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine.

Between 1996 and 2000, my Toronto hypnotherapy practice was merged with my practice of the homeopathic medicine.

While still being a student of the Homeopathic College, and in great violation of the rules, I opened my own practice of the homeopathic medicine in Newmarket (about 80 km away from Toronto).

I found homeopathy to be great. It was working, producing results, but for me, personally, something was missing. What I missed was the intensity of the hypnotic relationship with a client, which the practice of the homeopathic medicine could never deliver.

Toward the end of 1999, I was back full-time to my Toronto hypnotherapy practice. I had rented a space in the medical building on Bathurst Street, and began working in association with the Ruth Pettle Wellness Center.

During the past ten years (from 1999 to 2010) my Toronto hypnotherapy practice evolved from a standard trance-based hypnotic methodology into the advanced Psychic Detox Services and Power Hypnosis.

I still use and will never stop using the standard trance-based-hypnosis, but I'm also able to deliver all the benefits of hypnosis without the necessity of using the hypnotic trance. This newly developed ability made my Toronto hypnotherapy practice accessible to all those who fear the standard trance-based hypnotic procedures.

My Psychic Detox Services, which I developed while working with alcoholics combine the benefits of the verbal, hypno-effective suggestions with the power of energy healing. The magnetic-man image, at the top of this page, shows my energetic capability.

While working with alcoholics I discovered that I was able to eliminate serious alcoholic addictions without much of verbal suggestion. I could simply pass my hand repeatedly through the energy field of an alcoholic, while offering him a limited amount of the hypnotic verbal suggestions, and his alcoholism would be gone in several sessions.

The discovery of my energetic powers was an important milestone along the path of my development as a healer of the human mental conditions. It enabled me to work either hypnotically or energetically or to combine the two approaches into one hypno-energetic modality.

During the years of my Toronto hypnotherapy practice I realized that most of the people do not really need to be hypnotized into anything. They need to be unhypnotized form various negative mental patterns established by what I call by the name of life hypnosis.

Life hypnosis is all pervading. From the early age to the advanced years, we are all bombarded by the powerful hypnotic influences on the stage of life.

What happens on the stage of entertainment, during the hypnosis shows is not important. What is important, what either makes us or breaks us, is the hypnosis which we absorb on the stage of life. Through it we end up conditioned to either succeed or fail in our endeavors.

My Toronto hypnotherapy practice makes a little, tiny contribution to the undoing of the immensity of the negative life hypnosis, which has plagued humanity from the times immemorial.

Speaking about my hypnotherapy practice, I must also mention something that has entered my practice and became a part of it, even though, at the first glance it seems to have nothing much to do with hypnosis. That something is Spiritual Healing.

There was a time in my life when I had to deal with my own clinical depression. It was not hypnosis that restored my functionability in life. At that time I had already known more about hypnosis than most people will ever know. I had studied it for years, reading for 10-12 hours a day.

All that knowledge, and my own ability to use hypnosis for the benefit of others, proved totally useless to me, in terms of helping me to extract myself from the grip of my clinical depression. I realized that I could not fix my problem by subjecting myself to some powerful hypnotic suggestion. My problem was too deep for a mental solution.

What saved me, and helped me to overcome my depressive darkness was an act of the Divine Mercy of God.

Spiritual Healing is a part of my Toronto hypnotherapy practice.

Spiritual Hypnosis is a portal for the people who think they need hypnosis, while what they actually need is a Spiritual Healing. My Spiritual Hypnosis is basically a way of using hypnotic suggestions to enable a person to connect with the Spirit, and derive the necessary healing power from that connection.

As my spiritual awareness opened up after my healing from depression, it gradually became more and more clear to me, that the hypnotic, and the psychological solutions do not reach deep enough to help us, with our heavy-duty mental dilemmas.

Because of this new awareness, and the entry of the Spiritual Healing into my practice, I've been struggling for some time to properly define my work. I find it almost impossible to clearly define what I do.

Everything is connected with everything else, and different approaches are appropriate on different levels of human awareness.

Exploring Toronto hypnotherapy offers?
Here is some information which you may find helpful

Toronto hypnotherapy practitioners offer a wide variety of services. It is relatively easy to choose the service you want. On the other hand, it is very difficult to choose a practitioner who can satisfy your needs best.

As you are looking for a Toronto hypnotherapy practitioner, you must keep in mind that hypnotic services are totally provider-dependent. Consequently, you never really go for hypnosis - you always go for a practitioner.

What the Toronto hypnotherapy practitioners say that they do, is not as important as who they are. It is critical who they are in terms of their level of consciousness.

There are hundreds of healing techniques, but healing always happens beyond the technique. It happens in the space of communion between the interacting fields of consciousness. Hence, the quality of consciousness of the service provider is of the primary importance.

Your best bet is to contact a Toronto hypnotherapy practitioner and check how the two of you connect. Don't ever book an appointment unless you speak to the actual practitioner who is going to work with you.

Toronto hypnosis market is divided into clinics and single hypnotic operators. Is a clinic that employs hypnotists and markets for them a better choice than a single individual?

You may think that the Toronto hypnotherapy clinics, which employ several practitioners at the same location, are more business, rather than, passion oriented. If you think along these lines, you will most likely succeed better with a single operator.

When you go for hypnosis, your thinking and your attitude are critical. The old biblical line: "As you think, so you are" becomes here: "As you think about hypnosis, so your results are going to be".

Some of the Toronto hypnotherapy services are offered under the money-back guarantee. You should stay away from these offers because the hypnotic interventions are very mindset-sensitive.

A free-ride offer automatically hypnotizes your subconscious mind into: "I don't really have to succeed" mindset. It undermines your determination and motivation.

The famous warrior of antiquity, Hernando Cortez - after arriving in Mexico - ordered all of his ships to be burned. There was no way back. They were forced into a winning mindset and won.

Do whatever you can to develop your own winning mindset before you enter the Toronto hypnotherapy arena.

My Toronto hypnotherapy practice - over the past 30 years - has evolved into a multifaceted methodology. I can help you hypnotically, hypno-energetically, and spiritually to conquer whatever you need to overcome.

My multifaceted approach to the resolution of the human mental dilemmas, enables me to achieve the results which are impossible to achieve via the limited, singular approaches to the healing of the human mind.

Explore this website, and find out if I am the right Toronto hypnotherapy practitioner for you.

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